Adam Shapiro

By Adam Shapiro

Since becoming President of CIE in September, I have gained tremendous insight into our Center’s operations, have learned so much about our dedicated team of professionals and have heard from a number of leaders in the field — people for whom I have tremendous respect — about their admiration for CIE’s content and their desire to work more closely with us.

I have been a proud member of the CIE Board since our Center’s inception, but over these past few months I have gained an even deeper appreciation for all that this team, led by our Founding President, Ken Stein, has accomplished and the impact that CIE has had on Israel education around the world. Our Center’s rich content is second to none. It remains thought-provoking, timely and trustworthy and enables all users, no matter their age or background, to gain context and insight into Israel, its history and people.

We have striven to be the engine that drives Israel education and experiences. One of my objectives is to expand our reach so that CIE can have as great an impact as possible. We will explore new and exciting partnerships with organizations looking to strengthen their Israel educational offerings and will refine our outreach and communication efforts through social media, updates/newsletters and our website, We will also continue to look to those who have engaged with our materials, workshops and other programs for support — both financially and through the ever-important word-of-mouth marketing.

CIE exists because of the vital need for deeper connection and learning about Israel — its history and the issues of the day — for students, educators, adults and supporters alike. I look forward to building on the unprecedented foundation of the past 13 years.

As I grow into this new role, I want to hear from YOU, the people who have engaged with CIE, have learned from us and with us, and who want others to benefit from those same engagement experiences. Please reach out via email ( and let me know what you have gained from CIE, what you hope to see and learn, and how you think we can successfully reach others. This partnership and collaborative work ultimately will enable our Center to reach the highest heights possible.

I am thrilled to be leading this Center at this critically important time and look forward to sharing more about our progress on social media and in our newsletters in the coming months and years.