One Tribe, Multiple Minyans

February 13, 2018

Four out of every five Jews in the world live in the United States and Israel; 6.3 million in Israel, 6.7 million in the US.  According to Pew Research Center Studies, 7 in 10 American Jews feel attached or very attached to Israel.

Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has merit, not harm

December 13, 2017

Whether you hate or love President Trump, don’t let it blind you from the meaning of the words he utters, or the tweets he sends. Regardless of your emotions or strong political leanings, his words are decisively important; he is President of the United States.

UNGA Resolution 181

November 22, 2017

The 1937 plan to partition Palestine was never implemented. It did, however, remain a workable political option for resolving the conflict between Arabs and Zionists. Britain needed to placate Arab state opposition to Zionism, so it refrained from actively revisiting the partition plan.

Trust, Embrace and Own Israel’s Story

October 8, 2017

In two books written sixty years apart, When Prophecy Fails, 1957 (Festinger, Riecken and Schachter) and The Influential Mind, 2017 (Sharot, an Israeli neuroscientist), the conclusions were the same.

Zionism and Israel Are Pro-Choice: Embrace Them Both

September 15, 2017

Rabbis who attended the AIPAC-sponsored National Rabbinic Symposium Association meeting in Washington at the end of August sat in my sessions on Zionism with common interests.

Making Wise Choices in College

August 23, 2017

Scrutiny and planning prove essential when selecting college courses.

CIE’s The June 1967 War

June 5, 2017

New book–for personal or group use–trips, camps, JCCs, schools, sermons, adult education; providing essential context, time lines and maps. Remind yourself how the 1967 War has changed Israeli, Jewish, and Middle Eastern history.

Israel’s Road to the June 1967 War – Timeline

June 1, 2017

A timeline of the events leading up to and the conclusion of the Six-Day War in June 1967

Tell The Whole Story, Not as You Want it To Be

April 18, 2017

For the last several years, I have heard and witnessed personal stories about Israel (dis)engagement. Everyone asks how to stem distancing from Israel.

Sovereign Israeli Rights

March 3, 2017

Placing Jewish destiny into Jewish hands was why Zionism emerged at the end of the 19th century. Acquiring political power to promote Jewish security is how a Jewish state was created.

The June 1967 War: Actions with Unfinished Consequences

February 13, 2017

Coming up, fifty years after the June 1967 War. How many times have I taught the causes and effects, or written about the War? Hundreds of times in forty years.

Separation of Forces Agreement Between Israel and Egypt and MOU Between US and Israel

January 18, 2017

Following the October 1973 War, Egypt and Israel negotiated a separation of forces agreement, known as Sinai I.