Israel on Board

Israel on Board is our new series consisting of bite-size video answers to frequently asked questions about Israel. Have a question you'd like to see featured? Email Rich Walter at [email protected].


January 15, 2019

A look into Israel’s growth and success as a technological titan and its evolution into the Start Up Nation.

Israel’s Economy

December 13, 2018

The second video in our new Israel on Board series focuses on a brief overview of Israel’s economy. The video emphasizes how Israel turned challenges in the country’s early years into opportunities for economic growth and investment. Additionally, we look at Shimon Peres’ role in helping Israel transition from an agricultural based economy to become the start-up nation.

UN Resolution 181 – The Partition Plan

December 6, 2018

In recognition of the anniversary of the United Nations’ passage of Resolution 181 on November 29, 1947, we present our newest three-part whiteboard videos providing context to this historical moment in Jewish history.