David Ben-Gurion Arrives in Jaffa

September 7

David Gruen, who in 1910 would change his name to David Ben-Gurion, and his girlfriend Rachel Nelkin arrive in Jaffa with a group of other young adults from Plonsk, Poland.

Israeli Military Launches Operation Orchard

September 6

In Operation Orchard, Israel's air force secretly destroys a reactor at Al Kibar, a Syrian military facility thought to be a nuclear site constructed with the help of North Korea.

Israeli Olympic Team Is Massacred in Munich

September 5

During the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team are killed after being taken hostage by Black September, a Palestinian terrorist organization affiliated with Yasser Arafat’s Fatah and the left-wing terrorist group The Red Army.

Israel Signs Second Disengagement Agreement with Egypt

September 4

In Geneva, Switzerland, Israel and Egypt sign their Second Disengagement Agreement (Sinai II) following the October 1973 War.

March of the Million Takes Place

September 3

Demonstrating against the rising costs of living and economic inequalities in Israel, more than 450,000 protestors fill the streets throughout the country. It is the largest demonstration in Israel’s history.

Rav Abraham Isaac Kook’s Funeral Takes Place

September 2

80,000 mourners, approximately a quarter of the Jewish population in Palestine, line the streets of Jerusalem for the funeral of Rav Abraham Isaac Kook. He passed away the day before from cancer.

Chaim Weizmann Joins British Admiralty

September 1

Chaim Weizmann, first President of Israel, then working as a chemist in Manchester, England, is appointed to the British Admiralty as an Honorary Technical Adviser on acetone supplies.

Bus Bombings in Beersheba Kill 16 Israelis

August 31

August 31, 2004 Bombs explode on a pair of buses 100 yards apart along Beersheba’s main street, Ranger Boulevard, shortly after leaving the central bus station. Sixteen Israelis, one as young as 3 years old, are killed, and 100 others are injured. The death toll might have been worse, but the driver of the second […]

Cabinet Halts Lavi Production

August 30

August 30, 1987 On a 12-11 vote, the Israeli Cabinet decides to end production of the Lavi fighter jet, under development since 1980 by Israel Aerospace Industries and first flown as a prototype in December 1986. The delta-wing Lavi (“Young Lion”), similar in appearance to the American F-16, was meant to be the homegrown mainstay […]

First Zionist Congress Opens

August 29

August 29, 1897 Spearheaded by Theodor Herzl, the First Zionist Congress opens in Basel, Switzerland, for three days of meetings with roughly 200 attendees. Herzl invites allies in the Zionist cause — Jews and non-Jews alike — from all over the world to attend the congress. He targets wealthy philanthropists who could help fund his […]

Physicist Giulio Racah Dies

August 28

August 28, 1965 Physicist Giulio Racah, a winner of the Israel Prize, dies at age 56 during a visit to Florence, Italy. The cause of death is believed to be asphyxiation by a faulty gas heater. Racah was born in Florence on Feb. 9, 1909. His mother’s family claimed to trace its ancestry in Italy […]

PFLP Commander Is Assassinated

August 27

August 27, 2001 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Secretary-General Abu Ali Mustafa is killed in his mid-60s when two or more helicopter-fired missiles strike his office in Ramallah. Israel confirms its responsibility for the assassination, which comes after a weekend of violence that killed 11 Israelis and Palestinians. Mustafa, who moved back to […]