Ezer Weizman Is Elected Israel’s 7th President

March 24

Ezer Weizman is elected President by the Knesset on the second ballot in a narrow vote of 66 to 53.

Zion Mule Corps Is Created

March 23

Rabbi Raphael della Pergola, the Grand Rabbi of Alexandria, Egypt, administers the oath of allegiance to approximately 500 volunteers for the Zion Mule Corps, known officially as the Assyrian Refugee Mule Corps.

Arab League Is Formed

March 22

The Arab League Constitution is signed in a ceremony marked by speeches from representatives of each of the six signatory states.

President Barack Obama Addresses the Israeli People

March 21

President Obama’s address is delivered in Jerusalem and broadcast on radio and television across the world.

Jewish Colonial Trust Is Incorporated in London

March 20

At the First Zionist Congress in 1897, the idea of a central fund to support the development of a Jewish home in Palestine had been raised by Max Bodenheimer.

Knesset Passes “Photoshop Law”

March 19

The Knesset adopts the “Photoshop Law” to prevent adult fashion and commercial models from losing weight to the detriment of their health, or appearing unhealthily underweight in ads, negatively effecting body image issues amongst Israelis.

Reassessment of Washington-Israel Relationship Begins

March 18

The US undertakes a “reassessment” of the Washington-Israel relationship, creating enormous tension between the US executive branch and the Israeli government.

Knesset Passes Ninth Basic Law: Human Dignity

March 17

The Knesset reaches a compromise to draft a series of Basic Laws that would eventually form a final constitution.

Aeltesten Reglement: Constitution of the Jewish Community of Berlin Is Issued

March 16

Berlin’s Jewish community reorganizes with a new constitution, the Aeltesten Reglement.

King Hussein Proposes Federal Plan

March 15

In a radio address delivered to the Jordanian people on Amman Radio, Jordan’s King Hussein proposes a federal solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Massacre of Jews in Cordoba Takes Place

March 14

A riot breaks out against the conversos or marranos–Jews who had publicly converted to Christianity but continued to practice Judaism behind closed doors.

Czar Alexander II Is Assassinated

March 13

Czar Alexander II, the leader of Russia, is assassinated in St. Petersburg when a bomb is thrown into his carriage.