The Truman Doctrine Is Delivered

March 12

In a speech delivered to a joint session of Congress, President Harry Truman outlines a new, decidedly anti-Soviet direction for American foreign policy.

Coastal Road Massacre Takes Place

March 11

A group of eleven Palestinian terrorists, who had departed from Lebanon by boat, land on a beachhead north of Tel Aviv and embark on one of the worst terrorist attacks in Israel’s history.

Knesset Amends Law of Return to Define “Who Is A Jew”

March 10

Israel’s Law of Return, which was originally passed in 1950, was amended to further define citizen eligibility in Israel.

Arthur Ruppin Purchases Land for Hebrew University

March 9

Arthur Ruppin, head of the Palestine Office of the World Zionist Organization, purchases the estate of Sir John Gray Hill on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem for the purpose of building a university.

War of Attrition Begins Between Egypt and Israel

March 8

Egyptian forces launch a major offensive at Israeli positions on the eastern banks of the Suez Canal, starting the War of Attrition that lasts until August 1970.

Prime Minister Rabin and President Carter Meet in Washington

March 7

The Carter Administration had already established that negotiating a comprehensive resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict is a foreign policy priority for its administration.

Truman Advisor Clark Clifford Opposes State Department on Partition

March 6

Clark Clifford did not want the US to waiver from the partition resolution passed at the UN in November 1947, which called for the division of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states.

Blackstone Memorial Is Presented to President Harrison

March 5

William E. Blackstone, a Methodist lay leader and real estate investor, petitions President Benjamin Harrison on behalf of creating “a home for these wandering millions of Israel.” The Blackstone Memorial was the name of the signed petition.

Jonathan Pollard Is Sentenced to Life in Prison

March 4

Jonathan Pollard, accused of spying for Israel, is sentenced to life in prison for espionage. He is later released in 2015.

Mufti of Jerusalem Rejects Majority Palestinian Arab State

March 3

The Mufti has enormous power in his hands, yet he chooses non-engagement with the British, who controlled Palestine.

Miriam Ben-Porat Is Appointed Supreme Court Justice

March 2

Judges Miriam Ben-Porat and Shimon Asher are appointed to Israel’s Supreme Court by President Ephraim Katzir. Ben-Porat is the first woman to serve as a judge in Israel’s highest court.

Yitzhak Rabin Is Born

March 1

Yitzhak Rabin, Israel’s 5th Prime Minister, is born in Jerusalem to parents who came to Israel during the Third Aliyah. He is the first Israeli Prime Minister to be born in Eretz Yisrael.