Ephraim Kishon Passes Away

January 29

Israeli writer, playwright, and film writer/director Ephraim Kishon passes away at the age of 80 in Switzerland.

France Grants Citizenship to Sephardi Jews

January 28

Sephardi Jews living in France are granted equal rights and given French citizenship by the National Assembly.

Taba Summit Concludes

January 27

A week of discussions between Israeli and Palestinian leaders concludes in the Egyptian resort town of Taba. The talks at Taba take place during the height of the second “Intifada.”

Weizmann Sends Warning to General Arthur Money

January 26

Chaim Weizmann warns that unless world Jewry secures a place of their own they will be faced by a terrible catastrophe.

Herzl Meets with Pope Pius X

January 25

During a two-week trip to Italy, Theodor Herzl meets with Pope Pius X in an effort to gain his support for the Zionist cause.

Eli Cohen Is Arrested on Charges of Espionage

January 24

Syrian police raid the home of Damascus businessman Kamel Amin Tha’abet, who is in fact a Mossad Spy named Eli Cohen, and arrest him on charges of espionage.

Knesset Declares Jerusalem Capital of Israel

January 23

By a vote of 60-2, with members of Mapam and Herut abstaining, the Knesset adopts a proclamation declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

Nineteenth Knesset Elections Are Held

January 22

Early elections are held following the October 2012 dissolution of the Knesset due to an impasse over the state budget.

Groundwork for First Aliyah Is Laid by BILU

January 21

The groundwork for the First Aliyah is laid with the formation of the BILU group at a meeting in the home of Israel Belkind in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Nazi Plan for “Final Solution” Is Drafted at Wannsee Conference

January 20

Nazis draw up a plan for the “Final Solution” of European Jewry in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee.

Arthur Goldberg Passes Away

January 19

Arthur Goldberg, former United States Supreme Court Justice, Secretary of Labor, and American Ambassador to the United Nations, passes away at the age of 81 at his home in Washington, DC. Goldberg was an important drafter of UN Resolution 242 following the June 1967 War.

Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts Opens

January 18

The first forty students, all women, enroll in the newly established Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem.