Birth of Karl Marx, Author of “The Communist Manifesto” and “On the Jewish Question”

May 5

Karl Marx, whose theories of modern socialism will form the framework of the Communist Revolution in Russia, is born in Trier, a town in West Prussia (present day Germany).

Amos Oz Is Born in Jerusalem

May 4

Israeli author, journalist and intellectual Amos Oz is born as “Amos Klausner” in Jerusalem during the British Mandate.

Golda Meir Is Born in Kiev

May 3

Born Golda Mabovitch in Kiev, Russia, Meir’s family immigrated to the United States in 1906, settling in Milwaukee.

Theodor Herzl, the Founder of Modern Zionism, Is Born in Hungary

May 2

Theodor Herzl is born in Pest, Hungary. In addition to creating the World Zionist Organization, Herzl will help found the Jewish Colonial Trust in 1899 and the Jewish National Fund in 1901.

Bermuda Conference Communiqué Says Saving European Jews Is Not Feasible

May 1

A joint communiqué is issued, and it is clear that no widespread action to rescue Jews will be forthcoming. This bolsters the Zionist argument for a Jewish homeland.

In Cairo, Mubarak Chastises Arab States for Not Accepting Negotiations with Israel

April 30

Delivering a Labor Day speech in Cairo that is broadcast on Egyptian radio, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak discusses issues relating to the peace process.

Prisoners of Zion Arrive in Israel

April 29

At Ben-Gurion Airport, five recently released Soviet Jewish prisoners are welcomed by Prime Minister Menachem Begin and cheering crowds. The five had been convicted in a 1970 hijacking plot, attempting to escape the anti-Semitic policies of the Soviet Union at the time.

American Jewish Committee Gives a Qualified Endorsement to Balfour Declaration

April 28

Although its support of the Balfour Declaration was tepid, the AJC did recognize that a Jewish homeland could provide safety for Jews still suffering oppression in other lands.

Fifteen Members of Jewish Underground Extremist Group Are Arrested by Shin Bet

April 27

After a two-year investigation, the Shin Bet (The Israeli Security Force) arrests fifteen members of the Jewish Underground.

Kiev Pogrom

April 26

Following the assassination of Czar Alexander II in March 1881, a wave of pogroms (violent attacks) against Jewish communities sweeps through southwestern Russia.

Herbert Samuel Appointed First High Commissioner of Palestine at San Remo Conference

April 25

British Prime Minister David Lloyd George asks Herbert Samuel to become the first High Commissioner of Palestine.

Uganda Proposal

April 24

British Secretary of State for the Colonies Joseph Chamberlain and Theodor Herzl meet to discuss Jewish settlement. At this meeting, Chamberlain proposes that the Jewish state be created in Uganda.