Saudi Foreign Minister Tells President Carter They Are Prepared To Recognize Israel

April 9

After Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s diplomatic opening with Israel, almost all Arab states publicly criticized his engagement with Jerusalem.

Fourth Annual Palestine and Near East Exhibition and Fair Opens in Tel Aviv

April 8

The 1929 Palestine and Near East Exhibition was the last of four smaller exhibitions which would eventually become (in 1932) the Levant Fair or Orient Fair (Yerid Hamizrach).

Israel and Syria Engage in Air Battle

April 7

After unarmored Israeli tractors were fired upon in the demilitarized zone, Israeli forces began to return fire. The event soon escalated.

Ben-Gurion Outlines Five Keys to Success in 1948 Independence War

April 6

Ben-Gurion feared that there were too many decision-making centers in the Yishuv and that urgency and immediacy demanded one single voice.

Tennis Star Jonathan Erlich Is Born in Argentina

April 5

Professional tennis player Jonathan Erlich, known as Yoni, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on April 5, 1977.

Joint Chiefs Advise Truman on Trusteeship in Palestine

April 4

The United States was deeply worried that supporting the establishment of a Jewish state would jeopardize Arab oil supplies and force the US to send troops, risking a confrontation with the USSR.

Yosef Zaritsky is Born

September 1

Today in Israeli History September 1, 1891 Yosef Zaritsky, one of Israel’s most renowned painters is born near Kiev in the Ukraine. Zaritsky would study at the Academy of Art in Kiev and live in Moscow before making aliyah in 1923, after a brief service in the Red Army. Settling in Jerusalem and later moving […]