Ken Stein: Political Views of a Two-State Solution

August 15, 2013

International organizations and various Israeli, Palestinian, and world leaders have made telling comments about the two-state concept over the past decade, providing insight into its prospects for ending the conflict.

Ken Stein: Pre-Negotiations and Political Realities Frame Israeli-Palestinian Talks

August 14, 2013

Preliminary negotiations and changing political realities have catalyzed the opening of new talks, but even a two-state agreement would not guarantee an imminent end to the conflict.

What Works in Zionist Education

April 19, 2009

In teaching history, the most difficult task remains creating context:catapulting students back into a different time frame and having them disregard their contemporary historical perspective. The goal is to witness history as it unfolded, not as it concluded.

Annapolis: Precedents and Transactions, But Not Transformations

December 27, 2007

Since the June 1967 war, more than two dozen mediators have engaged in Arab‐ Israeli diplomacy seeking to clarify one underlying question: under what conditions and over what period of time would Israel relinquish land attained in the June 1967 War, and what kind of understanding or agreement from an Arab partner would Israel receive in return? The Annapolis Conference in 2007, was again a Transaction but not a Transformation of Outcomes.

The Quest for Arab-Israeli Peace

February 19, 2005

“The Quest for Arab-Israeli Peace: Israel’s Disengagement from the Gaza Strip: Precedents, Motivations and Outcomes” Zionism Fulfilled.- Israel’s preemptive physical disengagement from the Gaza Strip in August 2005 was the result of a national consensus; its goal was to protect the State of Israel and her citizens. In the absence of a viable Palestinian negotiating […]

Israel Education and the College Campus

February 19, 2004

Published by JESNA, Jewish Education Service of North America ISSUE #18 WINTER 2004 Israel Education and the College Campus, “Awake ye from ye slumber, the call that is heard, oh my people.” Agenda: Jewish Education, JESNA, Winter 2004 Introduction Thirty years ago, major American university campuses did not suffer from political apathy. When I was […]

Ken Stein: Consequences of Mass Arab Immigration to Europe

July 24, 2002

Current demographic characteristics and future trends and suggest that Europe faces a potential Arab immigrant onslaught perhaps as great as that America endured during the European immigration of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

A Zionist State in 1939

January 19, 2002

“A Zionist State in 1939,” CHAI (Atlanta), Winter 2002 “Had not the Nazi crimes been committed against Jews during World War II, the Jewish State would have never come true.” So said Usamah al-Baz last May. This leading Arab political analyst and the highest- ranking adviser to Egypt’s President Mubarak is not alone. The Danish […]

Camp David And the Pursuit of Peace: Comparing the Camp David Summits

September 19, 2000

Perspective provides valuable insights in evaluating contemporary diplomacy. Though neither the Palestinian-Israeli-U.S. summit of July 2000 nor the Egyptian-Israeli-U.S. summit of September 1978 ended discussions between Israel and its Arab adversaries, there were more differences than similarities between the two intense and highly charged meetings.