CIE has created and collected resources to assist you in teaching and learning about Israel in a wide variety of settings and with different age-groups.  In addition to this section, educators and learners alike will also find a wealth of relevant materials in the section Israel’s Story.


Relevant readings relating to each of our themes as well as a specialized youth bibliography for multiple ages.

Certificate Program Projects

These projects were created and tested by participants in CIE’s Certificate in Israel Education Program between 2015 and 2017. All are designed to be replicable in a variety of educational settings.

College Syllabi

The course syllabi listed here were all used in college level courses and are appropriate for advanced teen and adult education enrichment.

Digital, Video, and Audio Sources

A variety of materials to enhance your knowledge of Modern Israel including videos of past CIE presentations; recorded webinars; podcasts; and informational videos about specific topics. Check back often as we continue to expand our digital offerings.

Educator Newsletters

The CIE Educator Newsletter contains educator tips for infusing Israel learning in to a variety of educational settings.

Learning Materials

Lesson plans and outlines organized by by topic, and suggested grades.  The materials were created by CIE staff and educators who attended previous CIE workshops.

Portuguese Language Materials

A collection of articles, source documents and presentations which have been translated into Portuguese.

Spanish Language Materials

A collection of articles, source documents and presentations which have been translated into Spanish.


Themes address concepts and factors that played important roles in Zionist and Israeli history across time.

Today in Israeli History

Historical events and occurrences connected to Israel for each day of the year.

Tools and Methodologies

Program ideas for utilizing tools such as primary sources, timelines and more for different age groups, settings and audience sizes as well as enumerating tools and guidance for learning and teaching.

Weekly Torah Portion

An overview of each week’s Torah reading with discussion questions and other suggestions for creating connections between the portion and aspects of modern Israel