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As Israel educators, we often struggle with finding the proper balance for teaching history, instilling emotional attachment, and providing tools for advocacy. These challenges are heightened by a tendency to overly focus on the Arab-Israeli conflict, which in turn leads to questions of when is it appropriate to begin teaching complex subjects related to Israel to our students.

Last October, CIE’s Rich Walter, in an article in the Atlanta Jewish Times, asked, ” If we only teach Israel in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, what will our students learn about Jewish self-determination, state-building, creativity and ingenuity?”

More recently, Gary Rosenblatt, Editor of the Jewish Week, penned an editorial in which he strongly endorsed that Israel education needs to start before college. Ken Stein, CIE’s President and Founder told Rosenblatt, “I’m increasingly convinced that the earlier we teach about Israel, and layer it over time, the more they’ll remember it.”

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CIE News and Updates

As you start the new school year, we want to remind you that the CIE Website is your go to destination for content and material related to the teaching and learning of Israel in your schools. There you will find:

  • Learning Materials – curated lesson plans organized by topic and grade-level which were contributed by participants at past CIE workshops;
  • CIE Certificate projects – pilot learning programs which have been field tested by participants in the CIE Certificate program;
  • Tools & Methodologies – suggestions for utilizing a variety of techniques in the teaching of Israel;
  • Contemporary Readings – a monthly reading list of the best and most relevant articles about Israel and the Middle East;
  • Documents – key sources that have shaped the modern Middle East, Zionism, and Israel;
  • Timeline – a comprehensive timeline from the time of Abraham to the present;
  • Today in Israeli History – a factoid about an event from Israel/Zionist history for each day of the year.

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Featured Products:

Zionism and Israel: From the Tanakh to 1948 is a curricular guide for grades 9-12 and/or adult education which explores the foundations of the centrality of the Land of Israel to the Jewish people and how the relationship between the people and the land evolved over time. It includes, enduring understandings, learning activity suggestions, biblical and rabbinic texts, primary source documents, maps and demographic tables.

The June 1967 War: How It Changed Jewish, Israeli and Middle Eastern History is an in-depth examination of events leading up to the war, the war itself, and its impact on Israel, the Diaspora, and the Middle East. It includes readings, discussion questions and guided responses, maps, timelines, photos, and biographies

Israel: A Curriculum for Grades 2-7 is a flexible, source based curriculum with over 25 lessons featuring numerous engaging and experiential activities.