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Israel-Egypt Separation of Forces Agreement

The US mediates an agreement separating forces in Sinai after the 1973 War; Egyptian and Israeli
generals will negotiate additional details.

UN Security Resolution 1397 Reaffirming a Two-State Solution

This is the first UN resolution to call for “two States, Israel and Palestine, to live side by side within secure and recognized borders.”

Biblical Covenants

G-d promises Jews a great nation in return for observance of belief and practice of laws.

#21 Contemporary Readings and Analyses – November 2014

Assembled by Ken Stein, Emory University and Center for Israel Education or Sadik J. Al Azm, “Syria in Revolt: Understanding the Unthinkable War.” Tel Aviv Notes. November 26, 2014. Yaacov Amidror, “Between a Hollow Success and a Legacy of Failure.” Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. December 1, 2014. Kristine Anderson, “After the Elections: […]

#20 Contemporary Readings and Analyses- October 2014

Assembled by Ken Stein, Emory University and Center for Israel Education or Today in Israeli History, Center for Israel Education, Dan Arbell, “The U.S.-Turkey-Israel Triangle.” Brookings Institute. October 2014. Burak Bekdil. “Turkey’s Love Affair with Hamas.” Middle East Forum. October 19, 2014. Nathan J. Brown, and Katie Bentivoglio, “Egypt’s Resurgent Authoritarianism: It’s a Way of […]

Remarks by Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta

The speech is typical of high American office holders in summarizing the US-Israeli relationship; it affirms an unshakable relationship, support for Israeli security, and the need for negotiating progress.

US-Israel Joint Statement on Strategic Cooperation

President Clinton and Prime Minister Peres agree to deepen cooperation between their countries through regular consultation in all economic, political, military spheres.

MOA Between the US and Israel Regarding Joint Political, Security, and Economic Cooperation

It affirms close relationship between US and Israel based on common goals, establishes the US-Israel
Free Trade Agreement, and institutes multiple regular meetings between Israeli and US officials.

MOU Between US and Israel on Strategic Cooperation

It calls for building a mutual security relationship and for enhancing strategic cooperation to
deter Soviet threats to the region. Establishment of a consultation framework is a key to the agreement.

Promises about the Golan Heights’ Future by President Ford

President Ford promises that the US will give “weight” to any future Israeli peace agreement with Syria that Israel should remain in the Golan Heights.

#19 Contemporary Readings and Analyses, September 2014

Assembled by Ken Stein, Emory University and Center for Israel Education Today in Israeli History, Center for Israel Education, As’ad Abu Khalil, “Why the US War on ISIS Will Fail.” Al-Akhbar (Beirut). September 09, 2014. Yaacov Amidror, “We Have to Be Prepared (with Hamas).” BESA Center. September 15, 2014. Nader Bakkar, “Egypt’s Options in Dealing […]

Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett to the Israel Knesset

Sharett gives an overview of Israeli foreign policy, key issues, and relationships with UN and Arab states.