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Transcripts, Interviews and Conference Proceedings on Arab-Israeli Negotiations of the 1970s

July 16, 1992, Ken Stein Interview with Ambassador Roy Atherton, Washington, DC

Ken Stein interview with Ambassador Roy Atherton, Washington, DC (16 July 1992) Printable PDF Alfred Roy Atherton, Jr., participated in U.S-Soviet Middle East negotiations and formulation of Rogers Plan, 1969; Kissinger-Ismail secret meeting in Paris, 1973; mission to Moscow in October 1973 to negotiate UNSC 338; Kissinger Middle East shuttle diplomacy team, 1973-1975;  Assistant Secretary […]

Contemporary Readings

#47 Contemporary Readings, January 2017

Assembled by Ken Stein and Eli Sperling Emory University and Center for Israel Education [email protected] or [email protected] Muhammad Aal Al-Sheikh (Saudi Journalist), “The Palestinians’ Reliance on Armed Resistance is Political Suicide: The Palestinian Cause is no Longer the Arabs’ Primary Concern,” MEMRI, January 26, 2017.  https://www.memri.org/reports/saudi-journalist-palestinians-reliance-armed-resistance-political-suicide-palestinian-cause Gwen Ackerman, “Israeli Cybersecurity Industry Grows as Global Threats Multiply,” […]