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Sephardi Jewry and the Land of Israel

Sephardi Jewry and the Land of Israel



Join special guest curriculum contributor Dr. Yaron Ayalon and the CIE Curriculum team as they take you and your students on a riveting adventure through the lives of the Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews of Southern Europe and the Middle East. Explore the differences between Sephardi and Ashkenazi cultures, and discover the great wealth of knowledge and spirituality of the Sephardi Jews. Utilizing maps, photographs, primary documents, an extensive timeline and even a recipe for a traditional Sephardi dish, this book is the perfect introduction to Sephardi Jewry for the individual learner or in a classroom setting.

  • Maps, Photographs, Primary Documents, Extensive Timeline
  • Perfect for individuals, groups, and classes
  • Develope an understanding of the differences between Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jewry



  • “The resources produced by the Center for Israel Education are always excellent, because their educators are committed to strong content delivered in an accessible way. The Sephardi narrative is often brushed over or given cursory attention when discussing Israel and Zionism, making this resource all the more important. Sephardi Jewry and the Land of Israel would be a valuable addition to the educational toolkit of any Israel educator here in the UK – from the youth movement, student, Jewish school, synagogue and other sectors. I will certainly be using it to bring Sephardi voices to my educational programming.”

    Robin Moss, UJIA Israel Engagement Educator, London, England

  • “The usual focus of textbooks and popular history books about Sephardim is on the Golden Age of Spain or their Diaspora communities in America and Europe. This book is unique in its focus as a textbook on the Jews of Arab and Ottoman lands…and its emphasis on the development of Zionism and anti-Zionism in these communities. The book contains just the right balance between narrative and primary sources. In its final chapters the book does not shy away from the discrimination Mizrahi Jews faced when they settled in the State of Israel.

    Most of the questions and exercises [for adults and students] are of the DBQ style (document based questions) that are common in AP history classes. There are numerous excerpts from articles, diaries, letters, poetry, proclamations and tables, as well as maps, period paintings and color photographs. Short biographical sketches help the reader relate better to those who were affected by or helped shape the events confronted by Sephardi Jewry in the Middle East. The background of the Sephardi migration to Israel… is brilliantly outlined in Sephardi Jewry and the Land of Israel.

    Larry Katz, Director of Jewish Learning, Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island