Our Mission and VisionThe CIE collects, produces, and disseminates material about modern Israel. We construct curriculum, engage professionals, and maintain a website that provides contemporary and historical materials. The feature-rich website houses the longest annotated Israel timeline available and is designed with multiple entry points, encouraging a user to engage with limitless inquiry.   The site contains a dedicated educator section that provides college course syllabi, research bibliographies based on themes, learning plans, newsletters, easily useable teaching tools, and valuable links that connect to a wide array of other distinguished websites.  We collect and curate readings of contemporary value.  We steward workshops, seminars, webinars and professional days and courses for lay leaders and professionals. Our educator workshops have enriched knowledge of modern Israel with more than 2100 teachers and rabbis and touched an estimated 350,000 students.  In our store, we offer resource collections and eBooks on various topics pertaining to Israel. You can find us on many platforms in the social media realm.

Located in Atlanta, GA, the Center for Israel Education, Inc. (CIE) was founded in July 2008 as an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit and tax exempt entity operating under the direction of Dr. Kenneth W. Stein and a board of trustees. CIE inherited the outreach work of the Emory Institute for the Study of Modern Israel (ISMI). Begun in 2000, that outreach work includes the conduct of Israel-centric workshops, based on the accumulation, use and dissemination of source documents and resource materials related to the history, politics, and society of modern Israel. We continue to link cutting edge scholarship on Zionism and Israel and gifted curriculum designers with end-users.

Originally conceived by Professor Stein in 2007, the Center for Israel Education was defined as “an independent 501 (c) (3) educational institution in Atlanta, whose vision is to transform the state of pre-collegiate Israel education in North America by advancing the study of modern Israeli history, politics and society and demonstrating Israel’s central role in the collective Jewish identity.”

Specifically, the Center has 4 primary goals:

1) To advocate for the integration of a modern Israeli narrative into Jewish and secular educational programs throughout North America;

2) To provide educators with the background, training and tools to teach their students about modern Israeli history, politics and society and about the inter-connectedness of Israel and Jewish identity;

3) To train and cultivate a new generation of ‘Israel education experts’ who are literate in both the study of modern Israel and in pedagogy and capable of educating and training others; and

4) To serve as a clearinghouse of best practices in Israel education by providing access to primary and secondary sources and sharing innovative curricula and programming.

To this end, the Center provides teacher training to K-12 educators in the form of workshops, school-wide coaching and educational trips to Israel. The Center constantly develops age-appropriate materials, including primary sources and lesson plans, in the areas of history, politics, arts and culture, which are made accessible through this content-rich website and through purchasing items in our store.

In addition to creating these robust mechanisms for enhancing the knowledge of modern Israeli history and society, among Jewish and non-Jewish constituencies alike, the Center will also work with educational and Jewish communal leaders in order to advocate for the creation of a field of Israel education.

CIE is headed by a Founder and an Executive Director, and operated by a team of educational specialists. CIE is governed by a Board of Trustees, headed by a Chairman, and includes a Secretary-Treasurer, a minimum of four other trustees, and the CIE President.

Since its founding, the CIE has continued its signature face-to-face annual Israel enrichment workshops for educators, publication of curriculum materials, and innovative content through this website. CIE has expanded its reach to other audiences. The Emory Institute for the Study of Modern Israel continues to serve the specific academic, teaching, and enrichment needs within the Emory University community, while CIE’s work reaches beyond Emory to the general public at large. CIE is grateful for the decades of sage advice from the senior staff and leadership of the AVI CHAI Foundation and the Marcus Family Foundation. CIE is solely responsible for the content of its publications, workshop engagements, and this website.

CIE’s work is sustained by private donations and foundation grants. We encourage your support of CIE’s work.

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