College Syllabi

The course syllabii listed here were all used in college level courses and are appropriate for advanced teen and adult education enrichment.

Contemporary Readings

Contemporary Readings are monthly quality selections on matters relating to Israel.

Curated Readings

Curated Readings are a series of suggested readings on a particular subject, some online and others not, that relate to Zionism and Israel.

Documents, Reports, & Speeches

Assembled here are key sources that have shaped the modern Middle East, Zionism,  Israel.  We have also included items that give texture, perspective, and opinion to historical context. Some of these sources are mentioned in the Era summaries and contain explanatory introductions that provide context to that particular source.

Hebrew Materials

The Hebrew Materials section offers educational items on Israel that have been translated to Hebrew.

Italian Materials

The Italian Materials section offers educational items on Israel that have been translated to Italian.

League of Nations

Established in 1920, the League of Nations evolved out of the Paris Peace Conference. One of its objectives was to assist former territories evolve to self-government through Mandates.  In the Middle East there were British Mandates for Palestine and Iraq  and a French Mandate for Syria/Lebanon. Annually the League reviewed the political status of each Mandate through reports submitted to it and through public review  of those reports.


Diplomacy and war reflect the changing contours of states and borders along the evolution of Israel and the modern Middle East. We wish to thank the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs for allowing us to use some of their published maps. Others were made for CIE use.


Public opinion both shapes and reflects policy choices.  Attitudes provide snap shots of short and long term trends. Assembled here are a variety of current data about policies, reflections, and expectations.

Portuguese Language Materials

A collection of articles, source documents and presentations which have been translated into Portuguese.

Research Bibliographies

Bibliographies exist for each theme. Additionally there are bibliographies for young adults and a detailed collection of articles and books that cover the Ottoman Empire and Palestine.

Spanish Materials

The Spanish Materials section offers educational items on Israel that have been translated to Spanish.


The timeline contains more than 800 entries, following Jewish History through Jewish identity in the diaspora, Zionism, to contemporary issues in Israel.

Tools and Methodologies

This section provides program ideas for different age groups, settings and audience sizes as well as enumerating tools and guidance for learning and teaching.

Torah Portion and Israel

The Parashah Hashavuah is the weekly portion of the Torah, five books of Moses that is read by Jews through out the world each Sabbath and on specific holidays. Here you will find the Torah Portion by its Hebrew name with suggested ideas on how that weekly portion may be connected to some aspect of modern Israel.

Useful Links

Israeli news, politics, society, international relations, economics and culture are  frequent topics of  many organizations across the world.  We have identified some of them along with thumbnail descriptions.