Watch video webinars providing insight and context for many of the issues making news and history in Israel.

Israeli Politics in a Moment of Crisis

April 2, 2020

Former IDF Chief Spokesperson and member of Knesset Nachman Shai shares insights into the current state of Israeli politics with CIE Vice President Rich Walter.

Trump Plan for the Middle East: Context and Implications

February 21, 2020

The analysis summarizes the declaratory or aspirational Trump Plan for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement, outlining proposals on final status issues, and the proposed economic development package, with a hope for a two state-solution. Maps are used to show how Palestine's and Israel's borders have changed over the last 150 years. (Video or audio)

Webinar: The 40th Anniversary of the Egyptian-Israeli Treaty

March 19, 2019

From 1967 forward Arab-Israeli negotiations began in earnest. First, under the Nixon and Ford Administrations, then the Carter administration. Egyptian President Sadat and Israeli Prime Ministers implemented the political trade-offs to enhance the honor, security and vitality of their respective countries. Sustained by the March 1979 Treaty, four decades later, the bi-lateral relationship remains in […]

Sharing Sacred Spaces in Jerusalem

October 15, 2018

This presentation addresses the changing practices within shared holy places in Jerusalem between conflict and contestation with special focus on the Temple Mount compound and the Western Wall. It discusses strategies of stakeholders and conflict management methods that have been used in order to mitigate disputes as well as the incentives for tolerance and coexistence. Presenter Yitzhak Reiter, ISMI visiting scholar, is a Professor of Islam, Middle East and Israel Studies. He chairs the Department of Israel Studies and is the head of the Research Authority at Ashkelon Academic College.

40 Years Since Camp David

September 18, 2018

Emory Professor of Contemporary and Middle Eastern History, Political Science, and Israeli Studies and Center for Israel Education President Kenneth W. Stein applies decades of document-based research, interviews and scholarship, including new insights gleaned from the study of detailed minutes in the Israel State Archives, to examine the Camp David Accords 40 years after Egypt’s Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Menachem Begin signed the agreement Sept. 17, 1978, that concluded 13 days of negotiations led by President Jimmy Carter.

Israel at 70: Unfinished

May 8, 2018

Israel is only 70 years old. It is certainly more developed and different than the US was in 1846. What are the domestic and foreign policy issues that remain open-ended? Which issues have settled into consensus acceptance? CIE President and Founder Professor Ken Stein explores these questions and more in this webinar from May 2018.