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"CIE's website is a much-needed and extraordinary resource...There are far too many young people, including committed Jews, who simply do not know the story of Israel. Having a central site where they can learn the history, be guided to additional resources and most importantly — get a sense of the grandeur and the complexity of Zionism and the State it created — is a gift to all of us who seek to educate Jews and non-Jews alike about what Israel is, how it came to be, and where it might go from here."

"The CIE teachers’ workshop was interesting and informative and I am going home with a tremendous amount of relevant information to use and incorporate in my classroom."

"CIE’s brilliant Teen Leadership programme has taught me in a both engaging and informative fashion and helped me develop my understanding of Israel’s past and present... Meeting people from all around the globe was a unique and exciting experience."

"After learning with CIE, I feel confident that Israel can be incorporated into most aspects of the curriculum, even with our youngest students. Using primary sources is the best way for kids to learn about facts and themes."

"Working with CIE has affected my understanding and implementation of Israel education to the highest degree. As an educator, I have learned more about Israel, Jewish, and Zionist History from a week at CIE than I have in any other professional development experience. The resources CIE provides are immensely helpful when finding ways to communicate such a deep and rich subject to my students."

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