Using primary sources, our mission is to educate broadly about modern Israel.


The Center has four primary goals:

  • To promote the concept that Israel is an integral and essential element of modern Jewish history.
  • To provide students and educators with the background, reliable sources, and tools to engage with others about modern Israel.
  • To train a new generation that is literate in the study of modern Israel by understanding the concepts of state-seeking, state-making, and state-keeping.
  • To serve as a clearinghouse for best practices in Israel education by providing access to primary and secondary sources through the production and dissemination of innovative curricula and programming.

Target Audiences: Audiences range from teens, college students, summer camp staff, educators, national Jewish organizations, and journalists to those interested in learning more about modern Israel.

Staff: CIE employs staff and consultants with extensive skills and experience in Israel education and non-profit businesses.

Governance: We are governed through by-laws and a national Board of Trustees representing a wide-range of professions and lay-leadership roles.