Using primary sources, our mission is to educate broadly about modern Israel.

Tel Aviv

The Center has four primary goals:

  • Promote the ongoing concept that Israel is an integral and essential part of modern Jewish history.
  • Provide students, educators, and life-long learners with materials and trustworthy sources to engage with others about modern Israel.
  • Train students and adults to become literate in the study of modern Israel by understanding the concepts of state-seeking, state-making, and state-keeping.
  • Build digital resources through our robust website, conduct in-person consultations and workshops, webinars and on-line learning opportunities.

Target Audiences:

Our high-touch focus is on teens, college students, summer camp staff, Jewish and non-Jewish educators and clergy, and the media.
Through our website we serve everyone who is interested in learning more about modern Israel.


CIE employs staff and consultants with extensive skills and experience in Israel education and non-profit businesses.


CIE is governed through by-laws and a national Board of Trustees representing a wide-range of professions and lay-leadership guidance.

Engage with us in owning Israel’s story.

Learning is a vital connection to your heritage.