Zionism and Israel emerged out of Jewish history. For convenience, we offer context entwined with perspective, divided into four time eras.

Era I – Israel’s history – from Abraham to Herzl

Early History to 1897 –   From the biblical covenants, Jews bound themselves to the belief in one G-d, an unbreakable tie to the Land of Israel. From its inception, Jewish identity was wrapped around the mutual commitments between G-d and the people.

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Era II – Israel’s history – from Yishuv to State 

1898 to 1948 –  Zionism evolved from an idea to a concrete reality: the actual establishment of the Jewish state, Israel. Slowly, a few immigrating Jews created facts by linking people to the land. For half a century, fortuity and fortitude made the Zionist undertaking a reality. They exhibited pragmatism and gradually constructed a nucleus for a state.

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1949 to 1979

Era IV

1980 to the present