From Truman to Obama: The Past, Present, and Future of US-Israel Relations

Ken Stein – August 17, 2016

On August 15, 2016, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion with former Ambassador Dennis Ross titled, “From Truman to Obama: The Past, Present and Future of US-Israel Relations” for the Foundation of Defense of Democracies (FDD) in Washington, DC. In our remarks, Ambassador Ross and I sought to provide a historical context with which one could use to better understand both the potential ramifications of the upcoming elections on the US-Israeli relationship as well as the general future trajectory of this historically strong bond. Likewise speaking about the tumultuous state of affairs in the greater Middle East right now, our analysis highlighted the important role that Israel plays in the region for US foreign policy interests, making sure to reinforce the point that Presidents and Prime Ministers will change, however, the enduring strategic bond between Israel and the US, forged in the early years of the state, is not in a precarious position, at least not in the near future. This is a worthwhile video for anyone interested in better understanding Israel’s past and future as a strategic ally and friend to the United States.