This animated white board video covers in detail what took place during the thirteen days of negotiations at Camp David in September 1978. The video begins with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s priority on getting back the Sinai Peninsula which Egypt lost to Israel in the June 1967 War and the origins of direct negotiations between Israel and Egypt following Sadat’s visit to Jerusalem in November 1977.

Highlighting President Jimmy Carter’s role in bringing the parties together, the video outlines the delegates who participated in the summit, the tensions that existed between the parties, and issues that served as points of disagreement. Eventually, it was decided to separate the discussions into two separate tracks: one focusing on Sinai and the other on everything else including issues concerning Palestinian rights, settlements, and Jerusalem. Despite the tension and disagreements, the parties were able to agree on significant issues especially concerning Sinai and the normalization of relations between Israel and Egypt. Other issues remained unresolved and influenced the relationships between Carter and begin long after the summit.