1906-1914 – <em>Triple Arch Bezalel Rug: Abraham’s Tamarisk</em>, <em>Mount Sinai </em>and <em>Herzl’s Cypress</em>

One of the first departments Boris Schatz (1866-1932) created at Bezalel was rug weaving. This rug, part of the collection of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, typifies that production with its unique design and conscious iconography, in which Mount Sinai is flanked by Abraham’s tamarisk, as described in Genesis, and by the cedar Theodor Herzl planted in Motza. The lettering of the stylized caption, “Bezalel Jerusalem,” reflects the Art Nouveau style of the school’s early works. (Image courtesy of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Recanati Fund for Acquisition of Israeli Art)