1949-1950 – <em>First Seder in Jerusalem</em>, Reuven Rubin

In this oil painting on canvas in the Rubin Museum collection, Reuven Rubin (1893-1974) depicts a representative gathering of the new state. A Hasidic rabbi, Bukharan immigrants, kibbutznikim, Yemenites, a Palmach fighter, the artist and his family, and even Jesus attend the traditional meal of the Passover seder, a true reconciliation of groups and religions. To quote Carmela Rubin, the artist’s daughter-in-law and curator of the Rubin Museum: “The children and babies personify the promises of a new generation, and Rubin implies that with the birth of the Jewish state, a new page has been turned in world history.” (Image copyright the Rubin Museum, Tel Aviv)