1951 – <em>Life on Kibbutz (Yehiam)</em>, Joseph Zaritsky

The desire to be part of the greater art world and adopt a more universal style and range of themes led Joseph Zaritsky (1891-1985) to found what became the New Horizons school of Israeli art. Zaritsky was given a place to work on Kibbutz Yehiam, and, as his work became more abstract over time, many of his canvases captured the light and color of the kibbutz. Zaritsky’s leadership was unquestioned and set the tone for Israel’s art scene for many years. This portrayal of kibbutz life is housed at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. (Yosef Zaritsky, YEHIAM, 1951, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, purchased through the contribution of Joseph and Rebeca Meyerhoff; image copyright Tel Aviv Museum of Art)