ACTIVITY: Edpuzzle for ‘How Israel Votes’

An Edpuzzle-enhanced version of CIE’s updated Israel On Board video about the Israeli electoral system increases student understanding by employing comparisons with the U.S. political system. Middle school to high school.

A fantastic teaching tool, especially for distant learning and flipped classroom lessons, Edpuzzle allows you to transform any video into a more meaningful experience by adding hotspots with engagement tools such as questions, notes and checks for understanding. Teachers can use these Edpuzzle versions of CIE whiteboard videos to help students learn about the Israeli electoral system and Israel’s process in forming a government. Multiple-choice and open-ended questions are embedded into the videos. 

If you or your school has an Edpuzzle account and you would like to assign these videos to your class, click on the video link and add it to your account. You can edit the video further, adding more questions or activities, or assign it as-is. Edpuzzle automatically grades the multiple-choice questions and enables you to see your student results. You also can use any other CIE videos on our YouTube channel to create your own Edpuzzle versions. Email if you have any questions.