Atlanta Jewish Times: Israel Educator Workshop Goes Virtual

The Center for Israel Education and the Emory University Institute for the Study of Modern Israel are presenting their 19th annual workshop on teaching about modern Israel, but with a coronavirus-inspired twist. For the first time, the four-day workshop is going virtual, enabling a larger group to participate and lowering the cost.

As previously planned, the 19th Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel will take place from June 28 to July 1.

The expert presenters will include such veteran workshop speakers as Michael Berger, Emory religion and Jewish studies professor; Reuven Hazan, Hebrew University political scientist; Aaron Bregman, Charles E. Smith Jewish High School teacher and Jewish history chair; and Rachel Fish, executive director of the Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism. First-timers include Gil Troy, McGill University historian and Nachman Shai, former IDF chief spokesman and Knesset member with in-house CIE and ISMI specialists Ken Stein, Rich Walter, Tal Grinfas-David, Eli Sperling, Steve Kerbel and Michele Freesman.

The presentations and discussions will cover such topics as the Jewish people’s biblical and historical connections to the Land of Israel, the origins and development of Zionism, the U.S.-Israeli relationship, Israel’s politics and leadership, and music and other aspects of Israeli culture.

The program will include social programming, networking opportunities and personalization options.

In addition to educators, the workshop will welcome representatives of Jewish organizations with an interest in deepening their understanding of Israel’s many facets. The cost is $150 per person, discounted to $75 for those who apply by June 1.

Participants will join a network of more than 2,300 educators across North America who have participated in CIE/ISMI workshops. Cohorts of two or more members of an institution are encouraged to apply. Workshop attendees do not need to know Hebrew or be Jewish.

Visit to learn more and apply. Contact Heather Waters at with any questions.

CIE is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, independent institution committed to using primary materials to teach students, educators and the general public broadly about modern Israel. ISMI, a non-degree-conferring unit of Emory, is dedicated to enhancing knowledge of and scholarship on Israel and the Middle East on the university campus and beyond.