Findings of Jewish Quarter Excavation Revealed

December 3

December 3, 1969 Hebrew University archaeologist Nahman Avigad announces the results of his excavation of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, an area Israel captured from Jordanian forces during the June 1967 war. Avigad’s archaeological team worked for three months in an area stretching about 400 yards across the Old City. The […]

Bus bombing in Haifa Kills 16

December 2

December 2, 2001 Maher Habashi, a 21-year-old Palestinian plumber from Nablus, boards a No. 16 Egged bus driving from Neve Sha’anan to the Giborim bridge in Haifa just after noon and, moments after paying for his ticket, activates an explosive device concealed beneath his clothes. The blast turns the bus into a fireball that smashes […]

Palestine Post Prints First Edition

December 1

December 1, 1932 The Palestinian Post, the precursor of The Jerusalem Post, prints and distributes 1,200 copies of its first, eight-page edition. Founded by Gershon Agron, a Ukrainian-born immigrant from the United States, The Palestine Post launches in Jerusalem with more production workers than writers and, as it acknowledges with a note to readers in […]

Carmel Tunnels Open in Haifa

November 30

November 30, 2010 The Carmel Tunnels open, giving vehicles the chance to drive across Haifa in eight minutes, compared with the 30 minutes required in even good traffic conditions. The tunnels — one set running for 2 miles from Carmel Beach to the Rupin Junction in the center of the city and the other stretching […]

Meretz Founder Shulamit Aloni Is Born

November 29

November 29, 1928 Shulamit Aloni, the lawyer and politician who founds the Meretz party, is born in Tel Aviv. From a young age, Aloni is involved with politics and is relentless in working to bring justice, equality and civil rights to the Jewish community and to Israel. During World War II she joins the Hashomer […]

Operation Yachin Begins Bringing Jews From Morocco

November 28

November 28, 1961 Israel launches Operation Yachin to enable members of the 2,000-year-old Moroccan Jewish community to make aliyah. By the time the operation ends in 1964, more than 97,000 Jews emigrate from Morocco via France or Italy, although some settle in France, Canada or the United States instead of Israel. The operation, named for […]

Joint Understanding Signed at Annapolis Conference

November 27

November 27, 2007 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and U.S. President George W. Bush release a joint statement of the framework of their approach and goals at the conclusion of a one-day peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland. The peace conference, which follows unprecedented pre-negotiations, is established to provide regional and […]

Singer Arik Einstein Dies at 74

November 26

November 26, 2013 Arik Einstein, one of Israel’s most beloved singers and songwriters, dies of an aortic aneurysm in Tel Aviv at age 74. The national outpouring of grief includes a gathering of thousands of fans the next day at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. “His songs accompanied us at all the stations of our […]

Transport Ship Patria Is Sunk

November 25

November 25, 1940 A Haganah bomb does more damage than intended to the SS Patria, which sinks within 16 minutes of the explosion in Haifa’s harbor, killing 267 people, including members of the British crew, and injuring 170 others. The Haganah’s intent is to disable the French-built ship to prevent the British from using it […]

Rapist Benny Sela Escapes

November 24

November 24, 2006 Benny Sela, convicted in 2000 of being the “Tel Aviv serial rapist,” escapes while being transported to a court hearing in Tel Aviv. While handcuffed, he eludes two police guards and scales a 7½-foot fence. His escape is an embarrassment for the police and the prison service, and Internal Security Minister Avi […]

Israeli Spymaster Rafi Eitan Is Born

November 23

November 23, 1926 Rafi Eitan, whose intelligence career ranges from the high of capturing Adolf Eichmann in Argentina to the low of handling U.S. Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard as a spy, is born on a kibbutz in Ein Harod. He joins the Haganah at age 12 and enlists in the elite Palmach after graduating from […]

Actress Hanna Maron Is Born

November 22

November 22, 1923 Hannele Meierzak, who as Hanna Maron becomes known as “the first lady of Israeli theater,” is born in Berlin. As a child, she appears in many plays and films, including an uncredited role in the Fritz Lang classic “M.” After the Nazis win power in 1933, her Polish/Hungarian parents move the family […]