U.S.-Israel Relations: 75 Years and On

Aaron David Miller, Raphael Danziger, Ken Stein, 12/7/22

The past, present and future of U.S.-Israel ties

edited Israel@75 webinar recording

Arab-Israeli Conflict: 1945 to 1949

Alon Kadish, Avraham Sela, Ken Stein, 12/25/22

The events and actions of Jews, Arabs, British, Americans, the United Nations and others in a crucial, defining period in the birth of the State of Israel

edited Israel@75 webinar recording

Zionist & Israeli Culture in Words, Art & Music

Susan Nashman Fraiman, Areh Saposnik, Eli Sperling, Ken Stein, 1/18/23

The development of distinctly Zionist and Israeli forms of culture

edited Israel@75 webinar recording

Changes and Continuities in the Israel-Jordan Relationship

Ghait al-Omari, Asher Susser, Ken Stein, 2/10/23

Details from the history of Israel’s relationship with Jordan, including Israel’s willingness to lose the West Bank in 1948, Israel’s support for King Hussein in 1970, and the role of Palestinians and their identity

edited Israel@75 webinar recording

Israel@75: Firsthand Accounts of Israel’s Civil Society in Action

Nachman Shai, Jonathan Rynhold, Ken Stein, 5/9/23

Details on the demonstrations against the proposed judicial overhaul in Israel and how they reflect traditions of Israeli democracy

Edited recording of Israel@75 webinar

Israel@75: Stories of Israel’s Founders and Declaration of Independence

Adina Karpuj, Debbie Sasson, 5/10/23

Lessons about Israel’s founding document and its signers drawn from a project of the podcast company Israel Story

Edited recording of Israel@75 webinar and TILI session

Zionism Today With Gil Troy

Gil Troy, 2/20/23

The author of “The Zionist Ideas” lays out the ongoing role of Zionism in Jewish peoplehood and the relationship between Diaspora and Israeli Jews to set the stage for CIE’s Zionism and Us Israel@75 event

recorded and edited presentation

Zionism and Us: Has Zionism Succeeded?

Peter Berg, Dave Silverman, Anat Sultan-Dadon, Elana Frank, Ken Stein, 4/26/23

An expert panel speaks about what Zionism and Israel have accomplished, where they have fallen short, and what remains undone

Edited recording of live Israel@75 panel discussion

Zionism and Us: Israeli Innovation

Moran Mizrahi, Alan Wolk, Rachel Schonberger, Dana Neiger, 7/17/23

How Israeli innovations in areas such as tech and medicine have been supported by and benefited Diaspora Jews, especially in Georgia

Edited recording of live Israel@75 panel discussion

75 Zionist Founders

Fall 2022

Zionists whose main impact on the State of Israel came before May 1948

list of 75

75 Israelis From History

Fall 2022

Important figures from Israeli history who are dead or retired from the public scene

list of 75

75 Current Israelis

Fall 2022

Israelis who are important to know today

list of 75

75 Crucial Non-Israelis

Fall 2022

Non-Israelis who have helped shape what Israel is today

list of 75

75 Works of Art

Winter 2023

Paintings, sculptures, mixed-media works and architecture of significance since the rise of the modern Zionist movement

list of 75

Declaration of Independence

Spring 2023

A collection of resources to examine, analyze and teach the Israeli Declaration

CIE curated-resource landing page

Outside Resources

Spring 2023

A curated collection of non-CIE Israel@75 resources, especially intended to supplement the lists of 75 CIE created

curated links

Zionist Calendars

Fall 2022 and continuing

An in-progress month-by-month look at key moments in Zionist history to facilitate teaching and learning

Today in Israeli History, timeline

Israel’s Economy at 75

Maran Mizrahi, Paul Rivlin and Tal Grinfas David, 7/25/23

Israel’s economic history- ups and downs in 75 years; start-ups and glimpse at future

online teacher educator workshop


Land and Jewish Nationhood: The Making of the Jewish State

Michael Berger, Ken Stein, 9/15/20222

3,000 years of Jewish connection to the Land of Israel and the strategies used by Zionists to prepare for statehood

edited session from annual educator workshop

Tierra y carácter de nación: la creación del estado judío

Michael Berger, Ken Stein, 12/13/22

3000 años de conexión judía con la Tierra de Israel y las estrategias que prepararon a los sionistas modernos para la creación de un estado en mayo de 1948.

Spanish-subtitled version of annual educator workshop session

Jewish Peoplehood, Zionism and State Building

Ken Stein, 1/12/23

How the story you tell about Zionism and the Jewish people’s connection to the Land of Israel is affected by when you choose to begin the story

edited recording of online teacher seminar

Where Does Zionism go from Here?

Steven Bayme and Mauricio Friedman, 8/22/23

A look at Zionism’s successes and its headings from US and Mexican viewpoints

edited recording from online teacher seminar

United States and Israel

Diaspora-Israel Relations: Differing Issues That Matter

Gil Troy, Steven Bayme, Ken Stein, 10/30/22

Amid disagreements, what are the things the unite Jews in Israel and the Diaspora?

edited session from annual educator workshop

Israel Between East and West

Aviv Ezra, Alan Dowty, Eran Lerman, Ken Stein, 8/15/23

How Israel has managed relations with superpowers and in its neighborhood as its needs and its global position have changed

edited session from annual educator workshop

Hebrew/Israeli Literature

El Renacimiento de la Lengua Hebrea


The revival of Hebrew as a modern, everyday language

whiteboard video with Spanish subtitles

Israel as a Democracy

CIE Spotlight: Aweke Kobe Zena, Anti-Racism Coordinator

Aweke Kobe Zena, Michael Jacobs, 2/28/23

Edited interview with the head of the anti-racism office of Israel’s Justice Ministry

CIE newsmaker interview

Context and Consequences of Israel’s Proposed Judicial Overhaul

Ken Stein, 2/28/23

The background, details and potential consequences of the Israel’s proposed changes to the judicial system

Unedited recording of hybrid in-person/online lecture (posted by co-host Torah Center ATL)

Israeli Protests, Civic Action and the Proposed Judicial Overhaul

Doron Shultziner, Tal Grinfas-David, 8/2/23

An examination of the demonstrations for and against Israel’s proposed judicial overhaul and how they continue long-term trends in Israeli civil society

edited session from annual educator workshop