Our multi-year initiatives include in-service professional development programs for teachers and administrators in Jewish supplementary and day schools, who work with students of all ages. The program aims to establish a deep-rooted connection to Israel and the Jewish people, by enhancing educator’s knowledge of the history and the significance of Modern Israel and honing their pedagogical skills. Participants will have the opportunity to study with Dr. Ken Stein, a professor of modern Israel studies at Emory University and members of the team of educators from the Center for Israel Education, engaging in hands-on simulations and stimulating discussions about the challenges and opportunities for Israel education in Jewish settings.

Our first such partnership was with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. For two years, CIE worked closely with a cohort of Philadelphia educators to transform the way Israel is taught in schools across that city.

For more information about the Philadelphia project, see “Coming to Philly: Revolutionary Concept in Israeli Education“, an article in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent about the CIE Initiative.

Additionally, we designed a Community-wide Initiative for the New York metropolitan area in conjunction with SAJES, in 2009 and 2010.

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