El Al Flight 1862 Crashes

October 4, 1992

El Al flight 1862, a 747 cargo plane flight bound from New York to Tel Aviv crashes into an apartment complex in Bijlmermeer (shown in the photo), an Amsterdam suburb at 5:36 PM. The crash took place 16 minutes after takeoff from Schiphol Airport, where it had stopped for a crew change. Three crew members, one non-revenue passenger and 43 people on the ground in the apartment complex were killed in the crash.

The crash was caused by a mechanical failure when one of the engines broke off and struck and destroyed another engine. The plane was attempting to return to the airport for an emergency landing when it crashed. The crash spawned several conspiracy theories, including that the plane was carrying chemical weapons to Israel, all of which have been debunked by official inquiries.

Read the El Al flight 1862 accident report from the Netherlands Aviation Safety Board