Games for Israel Learning

Games and activities are great tools for learning about Israel which can be fun for the whole family.  The games we present here touch on a number of different topic areas: Geography, Tanakh, history, politics, and culture.  Some are based on existing games that you may already be familiar with.  These are all “low-tech,” and require no special equipment, except for a printer, paper, and scissors.  Suggestions for integrating technology as well as strategies for extending the learning them are accompanied with each game. 

Download the PDF.

In addition to the games above, here are some online games and activities for learners of all ages:

The Great Israel Challenge – an online breakout room

Travel to different places in Israel and complete a variety of challenges related to Israel’s history and culture.

Picture Purrfect: Anyone who has been to Israel knows that there are stray cats everywhere. See if you can identify the places that these cats are visiting.

Taim – Foods of Israel: Can you identify these Israeli Foods?

Matching Game – The Streams of Zionism

There were many different approaches and leaders with different ideas for achieving the goal of a Jewish state. Learn about them in this matching game.

Kotel Puzzle – Can you put the Kotel puzzle together?