Wendy Kalman, Senior Academic Researcher 

This 1987 – 2023 compilation covers important English articles, analyses, and videos, providing valuable context and recent history of the Hamas-Israel conflicts. Current readings and analyses on the Israel-Hamas War from October 1, 2023 forward are updated bi-monthly. For in-depth reviews about hamas ideology, statements, and world views expressing hatred for Israel, please see the compilation of all sources on the Israel-Hamas War 2023.  We recognize that the article these lists provided are excellent beginnings, but they do not include monographs, foreign language items, and articles or scholarly journals that reside behind pay walls. The core portion of thes compilations emerge from CIE’s monthly review of articles and analyses sifted from across the world.  You may subscribe to CIE’s monthly Contemporary Readings by simply finding the subscription button on the top of the home page.

CIE-curated Hamas reading list of articles, 1987- August 2023

Wendy Kalman, Senior Academic Researcher 


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