IDEAL© – Israel Direct Education and Learning

IDEAL© is CIE’s collection of online podcasts, videos, white board explanations, power points,courses, and webinars. Two general courses are offered one on modern Israel’s evolution and one on Israeli culture. Both are delivered through the learning platform Teachable. Access to 100 CIE Digital items is here. Spanish sub-titles are provided for two dozen digital items at RecursosDigitales

IDEAL© courses are free. They include a IDEAL: Modern Israel  and IDEAL: Origins and Development of Israeli Culture  Modern Israel is a 7 session overview of Israel’s birth and development. Topics include Jewish Peoplehood, Origins of Zionism, State-Making Pathways and Obstacles to Israel, Independence and the Jewish State’s Definition, State-Keeping and the June 1967 war, its aftermath and contemporary issues to 2016.

• Jewish Peoplehood – Exiled from their homeland in the first century, Jews maintained a relationship with the land and with each other through ritual, liturgy, and actions.

• Origins of Zionism – Zionism did not evolve as a result of a civil war, the victory of one country over another, or because of anti-Semitism. Understand how it evolved from centuries of Jewish history and a newly defined communal destiny.

• State-MakingPathways and Obstacles to Israel – From 1882 to 1948, Jewish presence in the land of Israel grew from 20,000 to 650,000. How did Jews buy land and establish the nucleus of a Jewish state by 1939?

• Independence and the Jewish State’s Definition – Following its establishment in May 1948, the new state of Israel faced significant economic, sociological, and security challenges. How did Israel navigate these areas?

• State Keeping and June 1967 –Unexpectedly, the June 1967 War helped further connect Israelis to the land and protect Israel’s precarious borders. It also set in motion fifty years of Arab-Israeli negotiations that still remain unfinished. Explore the open-ended nature of the June War.

• The US-Israel Relationship –  During the Cold War, Israel became a close ally of the United States and in 1983 that friendship evolved into a strategic relationship which has continued to evolve.

• Contemporary Issues –Despite its many achievements, Israel, like any country, has ongoing challenges, both foreign and domestic, that it continues to face

IDEAL: Origins and Development of Israeli Culture  is a three session course that traces the evolution of Israeli culture from its origins to the present.  The following themes are covered in the course:

• Zionism’s process of creating a revolutionary Jewish culture in order to safeguard Jewish existence;

• Impact of immigrant geographic diversity on the dynamic and changing nature of Israel’s culture 

• Cultural representations from different segments of Israeli society as expressed in music, literature, and other media.

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