Israeli Society and Politics”
HIST 385 – junior/senior lecture
Spring 2012 Semester – Yaron Ayalon
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The State of Israel was founded in 1948. For Jews, it was the fulfillment of a 2000-year long dream to return to their ancestral homeland of Eretz Yisrael. For others, notably the Arab inhabitants known as the Palestinians (named after their land, Palestine), the establishment of a Jewish state was a tragedy. This course, however, will deal very briefly with the dispute between the two parties, also known as the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Although the conflict has undoubtedly shaped Israeli society and its political system, this course will mostly have an inward focus on Israel itself: its political system, international relations, how it functions as a society of immigrants, relationships between secular and religious Jews and between Jews of various ethnic backgrounds, and the role the military plays in Israeli society. We will also look at Israeli culture through music and film. 

“Issues in Israeli National Security”
HIST 489SWR/ HIST 585 – graduate students
Fall 2008 Semester – David Tal
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The course will deal with various issues relating to Israel’s national security. It will touch upon general strategic topics as well as military events, and issues relating to the Israeli- Arab conflict.