Israel Bytes: An Interactive Encounter

CIE has served as the official Educational Partner of Jewish Interactive in the creation of Israel Bytes, a series of interactive online modules exploring four crucial areas in modern Israel: Israel’s InnovationIsrael’s Music & DiversityIsrael’s Leadership; and Religion & Democracy.

The project “provides an interactive online encounter with contemporary Israel’s most relevant issues for students living outside of Israel. Students will immerse in thematic series addressing Israel’s cultural and civic realities and contributions to the world. Israel Bytes puts students in control of their learning that amplifies their active engagement and sparks their excitement to explore the living story of contemporary Israel and how Israel’s story is relevant within their lives. Israel Bytes integrates Jewish values, history of Israel and Israeli society with social studies and STEAM curriculum.”

Each module explores four aspects of the subject area. Within each of those four aspects are videos to watch, quizzes to test understanding, a “discover” activity, a “create” activity and the opportunity to share your creations through Jewish Interactive’s social media outlets.

CIE served as consultant for Jewish Interactive on both the content and the pedagogy behind the modules. We invite you to begin your own exploration of Israel Bytes by clicking here and creating a free account.