For individuals, families, or groups planning a trip to Israel , this section includes a variety of background readings and source documents to enhance your journey.

While we cannot choreograph your visit, we can make suggestions from our personal experiences of past Israel  travel, and particularly  leading youth and adult trips. We suggest places one should see when visiting Israel and provide background information about those places.   Also included are questions for the family or for a group to pose in traveling to Israel; links to multimedia about specific locations are provided.

Site Guides
A series of guides to help provide travelers with some background readings of primary source texts for to be completed before departure, questions for family or traveler thought and discussion and links to multimedia.

Old City of Jerusalem
Jerusalem’s Old City is a wonderful mix of both ancient and modern history, an illustration of the religious connection to the land for Judaism as well as Islam and Christianity, and a center point for the Arab-Israeli peace process.  Visitors should plan to spend a minimum of one day in the Old City and may decide to devote even more time to this unique neighborhood.

The Dead Sea
With a surface and shore lying 1,388 feet (423 meters) below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth. Not only is the Dead Sea a geographic wonder as the lowest point on the Earth’s surface, it is an important ecological and scientific research site, a rich historical place, and the center of the debate to provide sufficient water resources, protect the environment and maintain an important tourist destination.

Rising in the Judean Desert and overlooking the Dead Sea, the fortress of Masada is a link to ancient Israel as both a symbol of the wealth and power of King Herod as well as the resistance and revolt that took place against the Roman legions in the first century.  In modern times, it has served as an inspiration to young Israelis, including soldiers, as well as a symbol of Israeli archaeology and fighting spirit.  It is Israel’s most popular tourist destination.