Israeli/Hebrew Music Collections—Easily Accessible
(L-R) Anat, Yuval and Avishai Cohen. Three siblings, elite Israeli jazz artists.

Contemporary Israeli music has long and varied roots. It is rich and dynamically innovative. Instrumental and vocal streams reflect Jewish and Israeli history. Engage your senses in diversely eclectic flavors. Listen wherever you are—links to free online sources; stream Israeli music from many genres and eras. One stop access for streaming of all Israeli music. Download the Sonos App and go to “Asia” to access all Israeli radio stations. Or access your favorite streaming services. Here are a few general access points—Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music; and here are some specifics:

Galie Tzahal (Israeli Defense Forces Radio Station)

Contemporary Hebrew pop music—Galei Tzahal is a national radio station. It includes news and educational programs; a superb window into Israeli popular culture.

Radio Ha’Mizrah (Popular Mizrahi/Sephardic Israeli Music Radio Station)

Middle Eastern Israeli pop music—Offers Sephardic/Mizrahi albums from the late 1970s forward; currently with widespread appeal. It blends a variety of ethnic and cultural influences. 

Eco99FM (Israeli Pop Music, Top 40 Radio Station)

Israel’s top 40 Hebrew hits. 

Bella and Harry Wexner Libraries of Sound and Song

Vast collection of Jewish Liturgical, Zionist and Israeli musical classics. Provides evolutionary flashback to Israel’s cultural and musical formation.

Israeli Music Youtube Chanel (livni2)

Array of Israeli music videos and songs: from the 1950s forward.

The National Library of Israel Sound Cloud Page

Sound Cloud page of over 500 digitized Israeli classics