Israeli Supermodel Bar Refaeli Is Born in Hod Hasharon

June 4, 1985

Bar Refaeli began her modeling career as a baby.  She is known internationally for her beauty and business savvy. Leading modeling campaigns for major brands such as Gap and Samsung, Refaeli has one of the most recognized faces in the fashion industry.  She is also an actor.

By the age of 15, Refaeli was featured in modeling campaigns for the major Israeli clothing brands “Castro” and “Pilpel.” She was selected as the home model for the Renuar Fashion Network in 2002, and in 2007, Refaeli was featured in the popular “Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue.” She was the first Israeli to appear in the magazine. Since then, her modeling career has reached the highest levels possible in the business, with features in top fashion magazines and multi-million dollar advertisement deals.

A shrewd businesswoman, Refaeli has invested a great deal of her earnings in Israeli technology and business ventures. In 2011, she began an E-commerce company with Israeli attorney Dudi Balsar.  It raised an astonishing $1m in venture capital in its first six months. This success led to her most recent start up, “Mika Look,” an iPad app that allows users to purchase clothing that fashion models are pictured wearing.

The photo by Nadja Amireh shows Bar Refaeli at the Cinema Against AIDS 2011.