More than 1,000 Hamas terrorists launched a coordinated attack into Israel on October 7, killing more Israeli Jews in 24 hours than died in the June 1967 Six-Day War (774) or on any single day since the Holocaust. Providing context and analyzing possible results for this fifth Hamas-Israeli military clash were Professor Yaron Ayalon, head of the Jewish studies program at the College of Charleston; Professor Jonathan Rynhold, head of the political studies department at Bar-Ilan University; and Ken Stein, Emory Professor Emeritus of Middle Eastern History and Political Science and President of the Center for Israel Education. In 52 minutes they provided analyses for Hamas’ goal of destroying Israel, Israel’s pending responses to the mass killings, and Iran’s influence on Hamas. They evaluated America’s response and the vast political gulf expanded between Israelis and the Palestinians, preventing any political accommodation between them well into the future.