Memorandum of Understanding (military aid) Between the United States and Israel
President Obama and PM Netanyahu pictured in Washington. Photo: Reuters with permission

14 September 2016, commencing in 2018


Building upon previous US-Israeli memorandums of understanding, the first of which signed in 1974, the US promised 10 years of military assistance to Israel, totaling $38 billion. Representing an $8 billion increase of US military aid since the last MOU in 2007, this commitment reflects the costs of sophisticated military technology deemed necessary for Israel to retain a qualitative military edge in a highly tumultuous and unstable neighborhood. It includes provision for military aircraft, missile defense. Iron Dome and David’s Sling), and continuing cooperative defense research and development. By this MOU, Israel remains the leading recipient of US foreign military assistance in the world. Publically sustaining the US security relationship with Israel signals Middle Eastern countries, insurgencies, and other countries that Israel has core value for sustaining US national interests in the region and remains so despite recent policy disagreements about Iran and negotiations with the Palestinians.  The first notable American weapons supply and economic aid to Israel began in the early 1960s, and cascaded upwards after the June 1967, October 1973 wars, and MOUs signed as the negotiating process with Egypt unfolded, including at the signing of the 1979 Egyptian Israeli Peace Treaty.  In the early 1980s stretching over four decades, the first of more than half a dozen US-Israeli Strategic Cooperation agreements were signed between Israeli Prime Ministers and American presidents. (read more)

Ken Stein, 1.29.2022