Omri Efriam: Poverty in Israel is Startlingly High
Photo: Doran Golan

Several reports and analyses published in Israel estimate that between between 21% and 31% of Israelis are living below the poverty line.   The Israel National Insurance Institute claimed that ONLY 1,709,300 Israelis lived below the poverty line, among them 776,500 children,7340,L-4737047,00.html

The  LATET NGO  Alternative and Multidimensional Poverty Index for 2015  in reflects a grim reality: 2,624,000 people live in poverty in Israel (31.9%), of whom 1,626,000 are adults (30.2%) and 998,000 are children (35.2%).

Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, A Picture of the Nation Israel’s Society and Economy in Figures, 2015