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On-Demand Israel Courses

CIE has produced original self-paced learning units to understand and embrace Israel’s story. They provide rich content for teens and adults, from the well informed to new learners. Each explains an aspect of modern Zionism and Israel and their connections to the Jewish past. They are designed for asynchronous use by individuals in independent study or by groups learning together. They have application for formal and informal education: day schools, congregational schools, youth groups, Hillels, Chabad centers, summer camps, adult and teen learning opportunities, and certainly before, during or after trips to Israel. Each unit provides suggestions for deeper inquisitive learning and quick access to maps, chronologies, videos, documents, crisp analyses and additional readings.   

Engagement level: From young adults 

Completion time: Self-paced and varies by unit and user

*Note to Educators and Curriculum Coordinators: Our learning units are now available in classroom editions, designed with specific checkpoints to ensure mastery of each section. For more details and to discuss offerings tailored for schools, please contact Debbie Sasson at debbie.sasson@israeled.org.

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