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The First Zionist Congress


Travel back in time to August 29, 1897, when the First Zionist Congress was held in Basel, Switzerland. Experience the meeting from the inside, participating as the delegates from seventeen different nations! This guide includes an activity guide, a full list of all 200+ participants, biographies of 25 of the delegates and extensive background readings, including full translations of some of the speeches given at the congress.

  • Suitable for learners 9th grade and up
  • 72 Page Learner’s Guide
  • Format: eBook (PDF Download)


  • “We used the simulation yesterday in our 7th grade classroom. It was a huge success. The roles allowed even the less verbal students the ability to participate. Our madricha also participated with one embracing Herzl. This is an excellent teaching tool for explaining the different types of Zionist goals.”

    Rhonda Povlot, Temple Beth Tikvah, Roswell, Ga, October 2016

  • “As a build-up (to our 8th grade Israel trip), and for greater context, we had a weeklong unit on Zionism. Due to time constraints, I began with Dreyfus, and segued to Herzl, Balfour, and ultimately the Declaration of Independence. The content came from the (2015 CIE Workshop) Binder…Most importantly, I ran the Zionist Congress simulation. The best part: after we were done, the students asked for more. I wanted to thank you for all the support and great lesson planning the conference provided. The Israel education was accessible for my students, and I believe it really helped bring to life the greater meaning, and conversation about, their upcoming journey to Israel.”

    Rabbi Scott Westle, Rabbi-in-Residence, Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School, Northridge, CA, March 2, 2016