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Zionism and Israel: From the Tanakh to 1948


Zionism and Israel: From the Tanakh to 1948 explores the foundations of the centrality of the Land of Israel to the Jewish people and how the relationship between the people and the land evolved over time. Activities and background information are provided to help learners explore the growth of the Jewish Diaspora, the evolving relationship between the people and the Land and the origins of the Zionist movement.  Following the First Zionist Congress in 1897, Zionism and Israel: From the Tanakh to 1948 shifts to explore how the Basle Declaration and subsequent documents guided the movement’s actions towards its vision for a Jewish State.  The material concludes with an exercise on Israel’s Declaration of Independence. 

The Leader’s Guide is 126 pages and the Participant Booklet is 94 pages.  Both are downloadable eBooks. 

  • 18 sections each with suggested activities and extensive background material for use in grades 9-12 and/or adult education
  • Includes biblical and rabbinic texts, primary source documents, maps and demographic tables
  • Information and activities include biblical covenants related to the Land of Israel; how the Land of Israel remained central to Jewish life following the exiles; internal and external factors that contributed to the rise of Zionism; strategies and actions that led to the creation of the State of the Israel.


  • Encountering and connecting with Israel should be a straightforward opportunity and an entryway to Jewish identity for every Jewish high school student. Yet Israel education has become a serious challenge facing educators today, challenges far more complex than how graduates should advocate for Israel on college campus. Students are posing deep fundamental questions and their teachers, when properly equipped, are well positioned to guide them through Israel’s historical foundation and contemporary complexities. Center for Israel Education’s new curricular guide “Zionism and Israel from the Tanakh to 1948” is an essential instrument for every Israel educators’ toolkit. It contains a rich array of primary sources from Tanakh to Basel to Zionist Leaders and pre-State documents, clear and compelling Enduring Understandings for the educator and a variety of age appropriate student activities which are sophisticated, engaging and thought provoking. “Zionism and Israel from the Tanakh to 1948 is an essential piece to support educators’ work of solidifying high school students’ connection and on-going relationship to the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

    Abby Pitkowsky, Director, Westchester Region and Israel Education, The Jewish Education Project