August 18, 1988

“Charter of the Islamic Resistance Group (Hamas) of Palestine.” Journal of Palestine Studies 22.4 (1993): 122-34. Print.

Introduction- Hamas

Hamas is a militant Palestinian national organization that seeks the destruction of Israel, considering its sovereignty as illegitimate, in part because Jews do not constitute a nation or people, but are only a religion. It emerged slowly in several mosque areas in the Gaza Strip after the June 1967 War when Israel took the Strip from Egypt. Hamas is an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood, a militant Islamic organization that had its roots in Egypt in the late 1920s. (It is an acronym for Harakat alMuqawama alIslamiyya). Hamas became more public and prominent after the November- December 1987 Palestinian uprising, or intifadah,  where Palestinians violently rebelled against Israel’s occupation of the Strip. Hamas political program of detesting Israel was stipulated in its Charter, published in August 1988. From inception, its primary spiritual and political leaders were Shakyh Ahmed Yasin and Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi.  Both were killed in March-April 2004. Khaled Mashal led the movement since then. In its Charter, Hamas referred to itself as an Islamic resistance movement, giving loyalty to Allah.  It considered Palestine as an Islamic trust, and therefore a movement in ‘the chain of Jihad (holy war) against Zionist occupation.”  Hamas officials have opposed any political solution that gives up control of Palestine to the Zionists; the Charter calls for the “liberation of Palestine as an obligation for every Muslim,” stating that “in the struggle against the Jewish occupation of Palestine, the banner of jihad must be raised.”

Hamas’s immediate appeal and grass roots successes came as a result of social and welfare assistance to the underclass and refugees in Gaza Strip.  Hamas assistance was provided through education at all levels, in hospitals, and varied community activities, all initiated and reinforced through the mosque network.  Hamas was likewise active in Palestinian Arab schools and universities.  When the PLO and Yasir Arafat chose to recognize Israel in September 1993, Hamas became the leading militant alternative to the PLO; actively maintaining “armed struggle” against Zionism and Israel.  Hamas activists staunchly opposed all PLO softening, negotiations and any agreements with Israel.  In 2001, the US and the European Union froze Hamas assets, categorizing it as a terrorist organization.  Continued Hamas led terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians hardened the Israeli public’s outlook toward accepting any territorial compromises with the PLO, especially after Hamas seized power from the PLO in the Gaza Strip in June 2007, remaining relentless in attacking and killing Israeli civilians. Hamas has made no changes to its Charter. In December 2012, Hamas leader, Khaled Mashal once again called for Israel’s disappearance. Hamas’s adamancy and Israeli intolerance for attacks on its population resulted in four intense periodic military conflicts between Israel and Hamas from 2012-2021.  Hamas’ efforts to engage in political activity in the West Bank were set back by Israel on several occasions, with the assistance of PA/PLO security services. Nonetheless, Hamas continues to undermine the authority of the PA in Ramallah. It receives funds from Arab Gulf states particularly Qatar and Hamas’s southern borders of the Gaza Strip remain controlled by Egypt. Since 2000, half a dozen attempts have been made to achieve ideological and political reconciliation between the PLO/PA and Hamas, but none have proven able to unite their divergent ideologies and leaders,  Hamas Doctrine and commentary remains totally opposed to Israel’s existence, legitimacy  existence as a Jewish state in its leaders’s own words. (Hamas Doctrine- Detest Israel, its legitimacy, and the need for liberation of Palestine through Jihad.

        Ken Stein, February 2023


All praise is to Allah. We seek His aid, forgiveness, and guidance, and on Him do we rely. We send peace and blessings on Allah’s messenger — his family, companions, those who follow him, called with his message and adhered to his way — may the blessing and peace be continued for as long as the heavens and earth last.

Article 1: Ideological Origin

The Islamic Resistance Movement: Islam is its system. From Islam, it reaches for its ideology, fundamental precepts, and world view of life, the universe and humanity, and it judges all its actions according to Islam and is inspired by Islam to correct its errors.

Article 2: The Islamic Resistance Movement’s Connection with the Society of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Islamic Resistance Movement is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood chapter in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is an international organization. It is one of today’s largest Islamic movements. It professes a comprehensive understanding and precise conceptualization of the Islamic precepts in all aspects of life: concept and belief, politics and economics, education and social service, jurisdiction and law, exhortation and training, communication and arts, the seen and the unseen, and the rest of life’s ways.

Article 4

The Islamic Resistance Movement welcomes all Muslims who adopt its doctrines and ideology, enact its program, guard its secrets, and desire to join its ranks to perform the obligation and receive their reward from Allah.

Article 5: The Historical and Geographical Dimension of the Islamic Resistance Movement

The historical dimension of the Islamic Resistance Movement originates from its adoption of Islam as a system of life. It reaches far back to the birth of the Islamic Message and to the Pious Predecessors. Therefore, Allah is its goal; the Messenger, its leader; and the Quran, its constitution. 

As for its geographical dimension, it is wherever Muslims — those who adopt Islam as a system of life — are found, in any region on the face of the earth. Therefore, it establishes a firm foundation in the depths of the earth and reaching high in the heavens.

Article 6: Differentiation and Independence

The Islamic Resistance Movement is an outstanding type of Palestinian movement. It gives its loyalty to Allah, adopts Islam as a system of life, and works toward raising the banner of Allah on every inch of Palestine. Therefore, in the shadow of Islam, it is possible for all followers of different religions to live in peace and with security over their person, property, and rights. In the absence of Islam, discord takes form, oppression and destruction are rampant, and wars and battles take place.

Article 7: The Universality of the Islamic Resistance Movement

Muslims throughout the world adopt the system of the Islamic Resistance Movement; they work towards aiding it, accepting its stands, and amplifying its Jihad. Therefore, it is an international movement — it is prepared for this (task) because of the clarity of its ideology, its lofty goal, and the sanctity of its objectives. Upon this basis it should be considered, given a fair evaluation and admission of its role. Whoever cheats it of its right, turns away from aiding it, or is blinded to hide its role, is a person who argues with fate. And whoever closes his eyes from seeing reality, unintentionally or intentionally, will one day awake to find that the world has left him behind, and the justification will wear him down trying to defend his position. 

The Islamic Resistance Movement is a link in [a long] chain of the Jihad against the Zionist occupation, which is connected and tied with the initiation [of the Jihad] of the Martyr ‘Izz al-Din al-Qassam and his Mujahid brothers in 1936. And the chain continues on to connect and tie another episode to add to the Jihad of the Palestinians and the Jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood in the War of 1948 and the Jihad operation of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1968 and thereafter. Even though the episodes were few and far between, and were not continuous in Jihad due to the obstacles placed by those in the sphere of [influence of] the Zionist entity in the face of the Mujahidin. Even though the Islamic Resistance Movement looks forward to fulfill the promise of Allah no matter how long it takes because the Prophet of Allah (saas) says: 

Article 9: Goals

The Islamic Resistance Movement evolved in a time where the lack of the Islamic Spirit has brought about distorted judgement and absurd comprehension. Values have deteriorated, the plague of the evil folk and oppression and darkness have become rampant, cowards have become ferocious. Nations have been occupied, their people expelled and fallen on their faces [in humiliation] everywhere on earth. The nation of truth is absent and the nation of evil has been established, as long as Islam does not take its rightful place in the world arena everything will continue to change for the worse. The goal of the Islamic Resistance Movement, therefore, is to conquer evil, break its will, and annihilate it so that truth may prevail, so that the country may return to its rightful place, and so that the call may be broadcast over the Minarets [lit. Mosques] proclaiming the Islamic state. And aid is sought from Allah.

Article 10

While the Islamic Resistance Movement is forging its path, it will be a support to the weak, a victor to the oppressed; with all its might, using all of its energy, to realize the truth and defeat the falsehood, by words and action, here and everywhere it can reach and effect a change.

Article 11: Strategy and Means

The Strategy of the Islamic Resistance Movement: Palestine is an Islamic Trust

The Islamic Resistance Movement [firmly] believes that the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf [Trust] upon all Muslim generations till the Day of Resurrection. It is not right to give it up nor any part of it. Neither a single Arab state nor all the Arab states, neither a King nor a leader, nor all the Kings and leaders, nor any organization — Palestinian or Arab — have such authority because the land of Palestine is an Islamic Trust upon all Muslim generations until the Day of Resurrection. And who has the true spokesman ship for all the Muslim generations till the Day of Resurrection?

Article 12: Nation and Nationalism from the Point of View of the Islamic Resistance Movement

Nationalism, from the point of view of the Islamic Resistance Movement, is part and parcel of religious ideology. There is not a higher peak in nationalism or depth in devotion than Jihad when an enemy lands on the Muslim territories. Fighting the enemy becomes the individual obligation of every Muslim man and woman. The woman is allowed to go fight without the permission of her husband and the slave without the permission of his master.

Nothing of the sort is found in any other system. This a reality about which there is no doubt. If other nationalisms have material, humanistic, and geographical ties, then the Islamic Resistance Movement’s nationalism has all of that, and, more important, divine reasons providing it with life and spirit where it is connected with the originator of the spirit and life giver, raising in the heavens the divine Banner to connect earth and heavens with a strong bond.

Article 13: Initiatives, Peace Solutions and International Conferences

The initiatives conflict, what are called “Peaceful Solutions” and “International Conferences” to solve the Palestinian problem. As far as the ideology of the Islamic Resistance Movement is concerned, giving up any part of Palestine is like giving up part of its religion. The nationalism of the Islamic Resistance Movement is part of its religion, in that it educates its members, and they perform Jihad to raise the banner of Allah over their nation.

There is no solution to the Palestinian Problem except by Jihad. The initiatives, options, and international conferences are a waste of time and a kind of child’s play. The Palestinian people are nobler than to be fiddling with their future, rights, and destiny. It is mentioned in the honorable tradition: “The People of Sham (Greater Syria) are God’s whip in His earth; with them He takes revenge on whom He pleases of His servants. It is forbidden on their hypocrites to be ruling over their believers and they will not, except in worry and darkness” (Ahmad and Tabami).

Article 14: The Three Spheres

The problem of liberating Palestine is related to three spheres: the Palestinian sphere, the Arab sphere, and the Islamic sphere. Every one of them has a role to play in the struggle against Zionism. Each has obligations to fulfill. It is a grave error, and extreme ignorance, to ignore any of these spheres, because Palestine is an Islamic land accommodating the first Qibla, [the direction in which Muslims face during prayer, which at one time was the Masjid al-Aqsa] the third Holy Sanctuary, the [place where the] ascent of the Messenger (saas) took place.

Since this is the case, the liberation of Palestine is obligatory for every Muslim, no matter where he is; it is on this basis that the problem should be viewed, and every Muslim must know this.

When the problem begins to be solved from this basis, when all the resources of the three spheres are employed, the current situation will change and the day of liberation will be near.

Article 15: Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine is Obligatory

When an enemy occupies some of the Muslim lands, Jihad becomes obligatory for every Muslim. In the struggle against the Jewish occupation of Palestine, the banner of Jihad must be raised. That requires that Islamic education be passed to the masses locally, in the Arab [world] and in the Islamic [world], and that the spirit of Jihad — fighting and joining the ranks — must be broadcast among the Umma (Muslim community). The education process must involve (Islamic and other) scholars, teachers, and educators, communications specialists and journalists, the educated masses, and especially, the youth of the Islamic Movement and their scholars. Fundamental changes must be brought about in the education system to liberate it from the effects of the Ideological Invasion brought about at the hands of the Orientalists and Missionaries, whose attack suddenly descended on the area after Salah al-Din al-Ayubi defeated the Crusaders. So the Crusaders then knew it was impossible to defeat the Muslims except by setting the stage with an ideological attack to confuse their (the Muslims’) thoughts, stain their heritage and defame their history, after which a military attack would take place. That was to pave the way for an Imperialistic attack where (General Edmund) Allenby claimed when he entered Jerusalem, “Now the Crusades are over,” and General Gurud stood by Salah al-Din’s (Saladin’s) grave saying, “Here we have returned, O Saladin.” Imperialism has helped and is still helping the Ideological Invasion to establish its roots firmly. And all that was preparation for the loss of Palestine.

We must instill in the minds of the Muslim generation that the Palestinian cause is a religious cause. It must be solved on this basis because it contains Islamic sanctuaries where Masjid al-Aqsa is tied firmly to Masjid al-Haram (in Mecca) never to be released, as long as the heavens and the earth last, by way of the night journey (‘Isra) of Rasulallah (Saas) and ascension (Mi’raj) to the heavens from there (al-Aqsa). 

Article 17: The Role of the Muslim Women

The Muslim woman has a role in the battle for the liberation which is no less than the role of the man, for she is the factory of men. Her role in directing generations and training them is a big role. The enemies have realized her role: they think that if they are able to direct her and raise her the way they want, far from Islam, then they have won the battle. You’ll find that they use continuous spending through mass media and the motion picture industry. Those Zionist organizations have great material resources which allow them to play a significant role in society to realize Zionist goals, and enforce the understanding that serves [the interests of] the enemy. These organizations play their role while Islam is absent from the arena and is estranged from its people. The Islamist should play his role in confronting the plans of those destroyers. When the day comes and Islam has its way in directing life, it shall eliminate those organizations which are opposed to humanity and Islam.

Article 19: The Role of Islamic Art in the Battle for Liberation

Art has rules and standards with which one can determine whether it is Islamic or ignorant. The Islamic Liberation is in need of Islamic art that raises the spirit and does not emphasize one aspect of the humanity over the others, but raises all aspects equally and harmoniously. The human is of a strange makeup, hand full of clay and breathed spirit. Islamic art communicates to mankind on this basis. Ignorant art communicates to the body and emphasizes the clay aspect.

Books, articles, newsletters, orations, pamphlets, poetry, nasheed (songs), plays, and other materials, if the specialties of Islamic art are included in it, are necessary for ideological education and invigorating nourishment to continue the struggle and relaxing the spirit because the struggle is long and the toil is hard. The souls will be bored and Islamic art revives the vigor, imparts excitement and invokes in the soul the high spirits and correct deliberation.

Article 20: Social Welfare

The Muslim society is a cooperative society and the Messenger (saas) said, “Best of the people are al-Asharites. They were, if a difficult situation befell them, in residence or in travel, they would gather what they have (of wealth) and divide it up equally among themselves.” And this is the Islamic spirit that must prevail in every Muslim society. The society that opposes a vicious Nazi enemy in its behavior, which does not differentiate between men and women, elder or youth, is foremost in being adorned with this Islamic spirit. Our enemy uses the method of collective punishment, robbing people of their land and property, and chasing them in their migration and places of gathering. They purposely break (bodily) bones, fire (live ammunition directly) at women, children, elders (sometimes) with a reason or without a reason, create concentration camps to place thousands (of people) in inhuman conditions, not to mention the demolition of homes, orphaning of children, and issuance of tyrannical laws on thousands of youth so they spend their best years in the obscurity of prisons.

The Nazism of Jews has included women and children. Terror is for everyone; they frighten people in their livelihood, take their wealth, and threaten their honor. They, with their shocking actions, treat people worse than they treat the worst of war criminals. Deportation from one’s land is a form of murder. 

Article 22: The Powers that Support the Enemy

The enemy planned long ago and perfected their plan so that they can achieve what they want to achieve, taking into account effective steps in running matters. So they worked on gathering huge and effective amounts of wealth to achieve their goal. With wealth, they controlled the international mass media — news services, newspapers, printing presses, broadcast stations, and more. With money, they ignited revolutions in all parts of the world to realize their benefits and reap the fruits of them. They are behind the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution, and most of the revolutions here and there which we have heard of or are hearing of. With wealth, they formed secret organizations throughout the world to destroy societies and promote the Zionist cause; these organizations include the Freemasons, the Rotary and Lions Clubs, and others. These are all destructive intelligence-gathering organizations. With wealth, they controlled imperialistic nations and pushed them to occupy many nations to exhaust their (natural) resources and spread mischief in them.

Concerning the local and international wars, speak without hesitation. They are behind the First World War in which they destroyed the Islamic Calipha and gained material profit, monopolized raw wealth, and got the Balfour Declaration. They created the League of Nations so they could control the world through that organization. They are behind the Second World War where they grossed huge profits from their trade of war materials, and set down the foundations to establish their nation by forming the United Nations and Security Council, instead of the League of Nations, in order to rule the world through that organization.

There is not a war that goes on here or there in which their fingers are not playing behind it.

Article 23: Our Position on…

The Islamic Movements

The Islamic Resistance Movement regards the other Islamic Movements with respect and honor even if it disagrees with them on an issue or viewpoint. However, it agrees with them on many issues and viewpoints and sees in those movements — if they have good intentions which are purely for Allah’s sake — that they fall within the area of Ijtihad [Creative self-exertion to derive legislation from legitimate sources]. As long as its actions are within the Islamic (Jurisprudence), to every Mujtahid, there is a reward.

Article 25: The Nationalist Movement in the Palestinian Arena

Given due respect, and considering its situation and surrounding factors, Hamas will lend support to it as long as it does not give its loyalty to the Communist East or the Crusading West and reassures its (the nationalist movement’s) members and victors that the Islamic Resistance Movement is a moral and Jihadic movement, moral and attentive in its view of life, and in its cooperation with others. It hates opportunism and does not wish anything except good to people, either individuals or groups. It does not go after material gain nor personal fame, nor reward of people. It utilizes its own resources and what is available to it.

All nationalist elements working in the arena for the sake of liberating Palestine should be assured that it is a helper and supporter and will never be anything but that, by work and action, past and present, by uniting, not dividing, repairing, not destroying, valuing benign advice, pure effort, and powerful actions, closing the door in the face of petty disputes, not listening to rumors and defamations, while realizing the right of self-defense. Everything that contradicts these guidelines is fabricated from the enemy, or those who tread in their footsteps, to achieve chaos, cleavage of ranks, and entanglement in side issues.

Article 26

The Islamic Resistance Movement, while favorably viewing the Palestinian nationalist movements that are not loyal to East or West, is not forbidden from discussing the options on the local or international arena concerning the Palestinian problem. Here, an objective discussion will clarify to what degree the nationalist movement is in the national interest — from an Islamic perspective.

Article 27: The Palestine Liberation Organization

The Palestine Liberation Organization is closest of the close to the Islamic Resistance Movement, in that it is the father, the brother, the relative, or friend; and does the Muslim offend his father, brother, relative, or friend? Our nation is one, plight is one, destiny is one, and our enemy is the same, being affected by the situation that surrounded the formation of the organization (PLO) and the chaotic ideologies that overwhelm the Arab world due to the Ideological Invasion that befell the Arab world since the defeat of the Crusades and the ongoing consolidation of Orientalism, missionary work, and imperialism. The organization (PLO) adopted the idea of a secular state, and as such we considered it.

Secularist ideology is in total contradiction to religious ideologies, and it is upon ideology that positions, actions, and decisions are made. From here, with our respect for the Palestine Liberation Organization and what it might become, and not underestimating its role in the Arab-Israeli struggle, we cannot exchange the current and future of Islam in Palestine to adopt the secular ideology because the Islamic nature of the Palestinian issue is part and parcel of our din (ideology and way of life) and whosoever neglects part of his din is surely lost.

When the Palestine Liberation Organization adopts Islam as its system of life, we will be its soldiers and the firewood of its fire, which will burn the enemies. Until this happens, and we ask Allah that it be soon, the position of the Islamic Resistance Movement toward the Palestine Liberation Organization is the position of a son toward his father, and the brother toward his brother, and the relative toward his relative. He will be hurt if a thorn pricks him; he supports him in confronting the enemy and wishes guidance for him.

Article 28: The Arab Countries and Islamic Governments

The Zionist invasion is a vicious attack that does not have piety not to use all methods low and despicable to fulfill its obligations; it depends enormously on its penetration of and intelligence operations upon the secret organizations that were offshoots of it — such as the Masons, Rotary, and Lions Clubs, and other such networks of spies — and all these secret or public organizations work for the benefit of and with the guidance of the Zionists. Zionists are behind the drug and alcohol trade because of their ability to facilitate the ease of control and expansion. The Arab countries surrounding Israel are requested to open their borders for the Mujahidin of the Arab and Islamic countries so they can take their role and join their efforts with their Muslim brothers of Palestine. As for the other Arabic and Islamic countries, they are asked to ease the movement of Mujahidin from it and to it — that is the least they could do. We shouldn’t lose this opportunity to remind every Muslim that when the Jews occupied immaculate Jerusalem in 1967, they stood on the stairs of the blessed Masjid al-Aqsa loudly chanting: “Muhammad has died and left girls behind.”

So, Israel, with all its Jewishness and its Jewish population, challenges Islam and Muslims. So, the eyes of the cowards do not sleep.

Article 29: Nationalist and Religious Organization, Foundations, Intelligentsia, Arab and Islamic World

The Islamic Resistance Movement would like each and every one of these organizations to stand by its side, supporting it on all levels, taking up its position, pushing forth its activities and movements, and working to gain support for the Islamic Resistance Movement so the Islamic people can be its support and its victors — a strategic dimension on all levels: human, material, media, historical, and geographical. 

Article 30

Authors and scholars, people of media and oration, people of training and education, and the rest of the different fields in the Arab and Islamic world: All of you are called upon to adopt your role and perform your obligation, due to the ferocity of the Zionist invasion and its penetration in most countries, its materialistic and media control, and what it has built in most countries of the world.

Jihad is not only carrying weapons and confronting the enemy. The good word, excellent article, beneficial book, aid, and support, if intentions are pure, so that the banner of Allah is the most-high, is a Jihad for the sake of Allah. “

Article 31: The People of Other Faiths

The Islamic Resistance Movement is a humanistic movement that takes care of human rights and follows the tolerance of Islam with respect to people of other faiths. Never does it attack any of them except those who show enmity toward it or stand in its path to stop the movement or waste its efforts.

In the shadow of Islam, it is possible for the followers of the three religions — Islam, Christianity, and Judaism — to live in peace and harmony; and this peace and harmony is possible only under Islam: The history of the past and present is the best written witness for that.

Followers of other religions should stop fighting Islam in ruling this area, because when they rule, there will only be murdering, punishing, and banishing, because they make life hard for their own people, not to mention the followers of other religions. The past and present are full of examples which prove this.

Islam gives everyone their rights and forbids enmity over the rights of others. The Nazi Zionist efforts will not last as long as their battles. 

Article 32: The Effort to Single out the Palestinian People

World Zionism and imperialist powers try with audacious maneuvers and well-formulated plans to extract the Arab nations one by one from the struggle with Zionism, so in the end it can deal singularly with the Palestinian people. It already has removed Egypt far away from the circle of struggle with the treason of “Camp David,” and it is trying to extract other countries by using similar treaties in order to remove them from the circle of struggle. The Islamic Resistance Movement calls upon the Arab and Islamic people to work seriously and constructively in order to not allow that horrible plan to be carried out and to educate the masses of the dangers of withdrawal from the struggle with Zionism. Today, it’s Palestine, and tomorrow, it will be another country, and then another; the Zionist plan has no bounds, and after Palestine they wish to expand from the Nile River to the Euphrates. When they totally occupy it, they will look towards another, and such is their plan in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” Their present is the best witness on what is said.

Withdrawal from the circle of struggle is high treason and a curse to the doer.

It is necessary to gather all forces and abilities to face the Tartarian Nazi invasion, otherwise loss of the homeland, exile of the population, and a prompting of the evil in the earth and the destruction of all religious values [will take place]. Every person should know that he will be held responsible in front of Allah to be questioned. 

In the circle of struggle with world Zionism, the Islamic Resistance Movement considers itself the spearhead, or a step on the path; it adds its efforts to the effort of the workers in the Palestinian arena. What is left is that it should be followed by steps and steps from the Arab and Islamic people, and from the Muslim organizations in the Arab and Islamic regions, because they are the people who are prepared for the forthcoming role in the battle with the Jews, the businessmen of war.

Article 34: Historical Proof Facing the Enemy Throughout History

Palestine is the heart of the earth, the meeting of the continents, and the lure of the avaricious since the dawn of history…The individuals have envied (in taking) Palestine more than once, and they flooded it with armies to fulfill their goals. The hoards of Crusaders carrying their belief and crosses were able to defeat the Muslims for a specific period of time. The Muslims did not get Palestine back until they gathered their religious banner and united together, glorified their Lord, and took off as Mujahids under the leadership of Salah al-Din al-Ayubi for nearly two decades, and then it was a clear victory, the Crusaders defeated and Palestine liberated.

This is the only way to liberation. There is no doubt in the truth of the historical evidence which is a pattern of the universe and a law of nature — only metal breaks metal — and nothing defeats a corrupt belief except the true belief in Islam, because belief can only be defeated by belief; and in the end, the victory is for the truth. Truth is victorious.

Article 35

The Islamic Resistance Movement considers the defeat of the Crusaders at the hands of Salah al-Din al-Ayubi and liberation of Palestine, and the defeat of the Tartar in the (battle) of ‘Ayn Jalut and the defeat of their forces at the hands of Qatuz and Zhair Baybrus, and the rescue of the world from the destructive onslaught of the Tartar (which destroys) all traces of human civilization, and learns from those (valuable) lessons and wisdom. The current Zionist invasion was preceded by many invasions of the Crusading West and others, including Tartars from the East. As the Muslims confronted those invasions and prepared for fighting and defeating them, they should be able to confront and defeat the Zionist invasion. And that is not difficult for Allah if intentions are pure, efforts are truthful, and if Muslims have benefited from past experiences, have been freed from the effect of the Ideological Invasion, and have followed the way of their predecessors.

Palestine: 1 Muharam 1409 A.H. —- 18 August 1988 A.D.