Rock Star Yoni Rechter Is Born
Photo: Teev Entertainment

November 18, 1951
Yoni Rechter, considered one of Israel’s greatest musicians, is born in Tel Aviv. He is the son of architect Ya’akov Rechter and stepson of actress Hanna Meron.

He pursues music as a boy and joins the Artillery Corps band during his military service.

Rechter joins the band Kaveret as a keyboardist in 1972. The group represents Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, but the competition allows only six members to perform onstage. As the seventh member, Rechter can’t be onstage but is asked to be the conductor of Kaveret’s song production.

While part of Kaveret, Rechter forms a progressive rock duo, 14 Octaves, with Avner Kenner. They write and produce songs for singers such as Arik Einstein, Yossi Banai, Esther Ofarim, Gidi Gov and Yehudit Ravitz.
Rechter leaves Kaveret in 1976 and releases his debut solo album, “Intending,” in 1979. His music is a sensation, and critics cite his influences from Bach, The Beatles and American jazz musician Bill Evans.

The Israel Festival creates a one-night event dedicated to Rechter songs called “The Main Thing Is the Romance.” The show is broadcast on Israeli television, and the night’s music is released as an album.
Rechter in 2008 receives the Emet Prize, awarded for extraordinary achievements in art, science or culture. Rechter and wife Dafna have two sons.