RootOne Turns to CIE for Trip Prep

In 2021, RootOne, began sending thousands of high school students to visit Israel during the summer. CIE provided requisite pre-trip content for the 2021 cohorts with 28 zoom presentations , connecting with some 3,000 students. For 2022, CIE produced asynchronic modules on the Making of the Zionist state, Israeli society and identity, the origins of Israeli democracy and origins and evolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Each of those 45 minute modules are being repurposed for other CIE use. The original four modules remain under CIE copyright.

The course taken through RootOne takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Each module includes text, video, other visual elements and interactive features.

Self-paced online learning is not new for CIE. Our free IDEAL courses on modern Israel and Israeli culture are examples currently available to the public.  CIE also is a content partner for the larger umbrella organization that is managing RootOne, the Jewish Education Project.