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In unsettled times in the Middle East and on campuses in North America and anti-Semitism on the rise, the Center’s mission to educate broadly about modern Israel is particularly needed.  We do it proudly with reliable sources and analyses.  Israel is an integral element in Jewish identity. We encourage individuals and institutions to collaborate with us, to learn, own, and belong to Israel’s story.  We have presented programs with more than two dozen national organizations and are constantly being asked to do more than our funds or staff will allow.

Our track record in Israel content learning is unequalled. Quietly for more than ten years we have engaged over 350,000 students in North America either directly or through some 2,500 educators and clergy who have taught them. Endorsement of CIE’s high quality and highly valued work comes from former diplomats, active clergy, lay leaders, students, and educators. We have active Israel teen and Jewish Camp staff programs. More than a quarter of a million users came to our two year old website in 2018.

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CIE was founded in 2008 and operates under the direction of its Founder and President, Dr. Kenneth W. Stein.

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