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The Center for Israel Education (CIE) has a simple purpose:  to invigorate an appreciation and knowledge of modern Israel. Knowing and owning Israel’s story is integral to Jewish and Christian identity.  When you donate to CIE, you collaborate in achieving our goal of entrenching Israel’s value for individual enrichment and for our national interest.

We are partisan because we believe that a Jewish national home fulfills an inalienable right of Jews to express themselves freely in a state of their own, and to be able to make critical decisions free from force or coercion. To accomplish this objective, for knowing and appreciating Israel, we engage students, adults, the media, clergy, lay-leaders, and organizations. We provide learning platforms through books, webinars, workshops, and access on this site to an unprecedented assemblage of accessible information about Israel.

We cannot do our work in a thorough or rigorous manner without sustained backing from individuals like you. We encourage support from foundations, corporations, institutions, and organizations. We have been able to make a difference because you care about Israel. Please consider helping us with a monthly or yearly contribution.

You care because you want this and future generations to know Israel’s story and its relevance.  There is no reason to be apologetic about Israel’s story. Diligence, sacrifice, and helping one another created and preserved Zionism and Israel.

In unsettled times in the Middle East and on campuses in North America and locations elsewhere, the Center’s mission is particularly needed.  We encourage individuals and institutions to collaborate with us.  Our track record is unequalled. Quietly for more than eight years we have engaged over 350,000 students in North America either directly or through some 2,100 educators and clergy who have taught them. Endorsement of CIE’s high quality and highly valued work comes from former diplomats, active clergy, lay leaders, students, and educators. CIE operates under the guidance of a Board of Trustees as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. CIE was founded in 2007 and operates under the direction of Dr. Kenneth W. Stein.

Please make your tax deductible donation.  There are an array of concrete ways to support excellence in Israel education.

You may consider leaving a legacy gift to CIE by underwriting campus programs, engagements with educators and clergy, the media, webinars, pre-collegiate training, or provide general support for the work of our professional staff.

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Ken Stein,

Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. CIE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax deductible, subject to limitations contained in the law. To donate by credit card, click here. (This will link to PayPal.)
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